Noses - Eyes - Face - Beauty » Types of NosesWhen you look at someone, what is one of the first things you see? Is it the eyes, the eyebrows or is it the nose? If it is the nose, what features do you notice about it? Is it the shape of the nose? Is it the size of the nose? Is it the length of the nose? Is it the size of the nostrils? Or do you notice how many bumps are on the nose?

If you notice one or more of those features on the noise, then you must have a real eye for noses (or just nosy for noses!) So, does the shape and size of the nose on a person determine what race they are? It could be that the shape of somebody’s nose is associated with their race but I rather go by fact rather than by the opinions of racially-biased scientists.

For an example to this theory, let us look at African-Americans and the shape and size of their noses. If you look at an African-American’s nose and notice how large it is, you would wonder how and why they have such big noses.

For other types of noses, there is the infamous “Roman” nose, which is slightly curved and pointy at the end. For an example of “Roman” noses, look at busts of ancient Romans like Julius Caesar and Nero and you would see the classic “Roman” nose.

And another famous type of noses is the types of noses associated with the Jewish people. Their noses are a hooked-like shape and broad but not as broad as a “Roman” nose. The noses that are worn by Arabic peoples are similar to the noses worn by the Jewish peoples, but are not as hooked and pointy as either the Jewish or “Roman” nose.

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