Nutritious Healthy Food For Children » 8 Healthy Foods That Are A Great Source Of Nutrition For Children

Nutritious Healthy Food For Children » 8 Healthy Foods That Are A Great Source Of Nutrition For Children

Nutritious Healthy Food For Children » 8 Healthy Foods That Are A Great Source Of Nutrition For ChildrenBeing fussy with food is something that goes hand in hand with toddlers and young children. Parents usually have trouble feeding them their meals and every parent has to try and find a way out to persuade their children to eat.

You often have to comply with their wishes and let them eat chocolate and chips and other fun food just to keep their stomach filled. However, growing children have certain nutritional requirements that you must fulfill. Here is a list of some of the most important foods that are a must for your children.


Yogurt is a great food that you must make sure that your child gets a generous portion of. Yogurt is a great way to ensure that your kid gets all the necessary nutrients that they get from milk but usually refuse to have. You might wonder how you can make them eat yogurt. You can simply add your child’s favorite fruits to it and feed him/her the yogurt. Strawberries and yogurt make a great combination.

Yogurt is the best possible source of calcium which is extremely important for your child’s bones. You can alternately feed your kids some Greek yogurt that is loaded with healthy bacteria and great for digestion. It is also low on its sugar content thus you can sweeten it up the way your kids like.


Growing children need a generous amount of proteins in their diet and eggs happen to be one of the best sources of protein as well. Eggs contribute to the development of your child’s brain and also keeps the heart healthy as it has omega 3 acids. Eggs contain choline which sharpens your child’s brain and increases memory powers and leads to a healthy growth of muscles.

Most children like eggs and you can be more experimental with eggs. If your child refuses scrambled eggs you can poach them or boil them or even mix them up in a colorful salad or serve them in delicious French toasts to make them more appealing. Most children can eat one egg a day but you must talk to a pediatrician to know what your child’s specific requirement should be.

Broccoli And Cabbage

Green vegetables are a great source of nutrition not only for children but adults as well. But broccoli especially is infused with nutrients that your kids require. Broccoli is high in its calcium content and as you know calcium is crucial for your child’s growth.

It also contains good quantities of vitamin B and is a great source of beta carotene and also potassium. So stew them or add them in a vegetables salad but make sure that they are taken on a regular basis by your kids. If you cannot make your kids eat broccoli then you can opt for cabbage instead.

Nutritious Healthy Food For Children » 8 Healthy Foods That Are A Great Source Of Nutrition For Children

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Chances are higher that your kids will prefer cabbage as it is crunchy and more delicious than many other vegetables. It has the qualities of broccoli and helps improve your child’s digestion and cleanses toxins as well. A salad with generous amounts of cabbage is a great start. Add cabbage to noodles and other Chinese foods to make it more palatable for fussy children.

Varieties Of Beans

Beans have always been a good source of fiber. Not only that, they have high levels of protein that children require and also have calcium and iron that is great for bones and blood respectively. Too much of fast food and unhealthy eating can lead to high cholesterol in a young age.

Minimize any such chances by including lots of beans in your children’s diet. Kids hate beans and legumes thus you have to innovate to feed them the highly nutritious beans. If they like burgers then instead of a meat patty add a mixed bean patty and camouflage it with cheese and other seasonings. You can mash the beans and make a nice sandwich with it.


Nuts are a wonderful source of protein and are rich in antioxidants and fibers. Nuts contain the healthy fat which is also a very important part of a child’s balanced diet. Every child can start their day by consuming a limited amount of nuts. Usually children love nuts but you must be very careful before you introduce them to nuts.

Many children are often severely allergic to peanuts thus check with your doctor as to which nuts your child can safely consume. Pistachios, walnuts and almonds are great for the heart as well. You can feed your children nuts in the form of butter as well but keep a tab on the daily consumption of nuts.


Tomatoes are a treasure mine of good nutrients as far as children are concerned. Well what is it that makes tomatoes so important for children’s nutrition? They contain a substance called lycopene that is an excellent way of protecting your child’s body from any form of cancer. So make sure you add oodles of tomatoes in your child’s diet.

It is not very difficult to feed tomatoes to your children. Yu can add fresh sliced tomatoes inside your child’s sandwich, or make a healthy bean burger and add a generous amount of tomato in it. However the best way to feed them tomato is to make an exciting sauce or dip with it. Pasta in tomato sauce is a delicacy for most children as is pizza. So you do not have much to worry about.


Instead of feeding your kids some synthetic corn flakes, a better option is to include oatmeal in their diet and the best time to have oatmeal is of course, in the morning. It is loaded with fibers, vitamin B, calcium and iron.

It is the best way for your child to have a wholesome breakfast and stay active all day long. To ensure that they consume oats you can add fresh strawberries or bananas or any other fruits to make it more appealing for your young ones.


Amongst non vegetarian food, fish is an excellent source of nutrition for your kids. Take salmon, it is a fish that is high on its nutritional value. It is great for your children’s eyesight and helps sharpen the brain. It contains omega 3 acids that make fish great for the heart as well.

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