Obese women

Obese women

Obese women - Nutritious food - Stress and obesity - Indiscrimination » Are you an obese woman-Read thisYes being fat is quite like a curse on a woman’s entire life. It has been found by various studies that obese females are more likely to get fired from their job positions or jobs itself in comparison to those slim women colleagues. Not only this, you will be sad to read that obese women suffer from troubles in their relationships too than thin ones. They also get in trouble with the police officers than slim women and are more likely to be criminals themselves.

To make things uglier, obese women are very much driven by comfort eating. Plus the stressful day today life makes leaves them with hardly enough time to prepare nutritious food for themselves as well as their family members, thus which makes them feed themselves with zero percent nutritious food items, junk eatables which are rich in calories and fats. At the end, they find themselves getting fatter than before. Remember that obesity is a vicious cycle for women.

It has been recently found out that obese women are more likely to face the death of a friend or relative, or made redundant or face financial troubles.

Undoubtedly that stress leads to obesity. But the opposite is equally true! seriously overweight people suffering from the stress contributes to poor health or social factors like workplace indiscrimination etc. overweight women are less happy in their relationships with their partners than slim women, and at the end men tends to break a long term relationship or get divorced.

So all you women out there make sure you keep a good check on your eating habits and lifestyle patterns, before it’s too late for you too and you end up falling under the category of obese people suffering in above written ways.

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