Obesity Prevention In Children

Obesity Prevention In Children

Obesity Prevention In Children - Effective Child Obesity Prevention Tips & Childhood Obesity Causes and Contributing Factors » Childhood Obesity Reasons And Prevention TipsHave you ever speculated what childhood obesity is and why small little angels go through this noxious thing? Well we as parents are equally accountable for this.

Let’s first become acquainted with word childhood obesity is? When body mass that is ratio of weight and height increases above certain proportion or in other words we can say when child’s intake of calories is supplementary than what his or her body is using, then child is stated as overweight or obese. Child obesity is increasing at such a fast rate that childhood obesity precaution is surely needed.

Children can face high risk of cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension, orthopedic diseases, depression and respiratory ailments during childhood obesity. All these uninvited diseases come due to more consumption of junk food, ice cream, chocolates, unhealthy desserts, sodas and endless finger licking snacks as compare to less consumption of healthy fruits, wheat and vegetables.

But before taking steps towards preventative measure we should need to know causes behind this. There are several causes behind child obesity. Pin pointing one factor for child obesity will not be fair as more than on factor works towards it.

Lack of Physical Activity

Due to upcoming concrete jungle children doesn’t get the liberty to play around which result less burning of daily energy. Where as on other hand, consumption of junk food by child is mounting up day by day. Out of 24 hrs child like to spend maximum amount of waking hours in front of TV, computer or playing video games, which is also a contributing factor towards childhood obesity. It has been noticed that children who sit in front of TV for more hours have the highest frequency of obesity because while watching TV they love the consumption of high-calorie snacks.

Apart from this children get little exposure for out door games in schools due to the increasing academic pressure. Playing time periods are reducing in school due to less free space available or due to increasing demand of higher education. After school most of the parents are unable to enroll their child for physical activities.

Parent’s Influence

Parents play key role when it comes to child’s eating habit, the kind of food they like. Even though child eating habit depends on what kind of food parents keep at home which is straightforwardly accessible to child.
To avoid the fuss for food mothers serve them their favorite food, which contain no vegetables and more of cheese and bread.

Even though most of the schools want to generate love for lunch room for which they serve child’s favorite food without targeting nutritious value
You will be surprised to know breastfeeding offers a constant caring against child hood obesity.

The amount of sugar & fat available in artificial milk influence obesogenic factors, which incline child to gain weight after certain years of life. Breast feeding child’s eating habits are healthier as compare to other children. Breast feeding kids are exposed to different flavors from maternal diet that is added through the milk.

Today’s generation mothers have entered the working field as compare to earlier mothers. In these cases child is mostly left unattended after the school hours. Child faces lack of affection and healthy food which only mothers can shower on them. Even when mothers return from stress full day they land up cooking quick food without noticing nutritional values of food. Unattended children are forced towards spending more time in front of TV or indoor games. As a consequence child wind up with obesity.

Aerated Drinks

Another cause for increasing number of childhood obesity is the more flavored aerated drinks available in market. This attracts children more than the nourishing milk at home. Consumption of aerated drink is increased drastically as compare to the consumption of milk. Today’s age group wants to start their day with aerated drink as compare to milk.

They get influenced from the TV commercials which motivate them to go to grocery shop and ask for the specific aerated drink. There is positive relation between the food advertisement and increasing number of childhood obesity. The more children will sit in front of TV and watch TV advisement regarding food more they will consume. It is unlucky that the today’s up coming and old established food industries are manufacturing non nutritious food, overflowing with artificial flavors and above all this their targeted consumers are our little hearts.

Successful Childhood Obesity Prevention Tips

In olden days word childhood obesity was not even heard, just for the reason that child use to spend more time playing outside his or her home. They use to ride bicycles, run from one corner to another. Eventually at end of the day they used all their intake of extra calories. Thus obesity was not a major issue as contrast to today’s world.

Running and jumping is an activity which every child wants to do in every age and it comes naturally to them. As a parent we only have to spend right amount of time with our children when they can enjoy all these activities.
Eating healthy food does not imply that you have to avoid all tasty food and feed only fruits and green vegetables.

You only have to adopt integrated approach towards childhood obesity prevention. Parents have to devote more time towards their children. Parents have to make sure that their child take part in all outdoor activities and spend less time in front of TV or computer.

Besides this if you yourself are more disposed towards junk and unhealthy food then very primarily you have to alter yourself as you are role model for your child. Little time and effort to make healthy and taste food with fruits and vegetables, pulses and deserts without additional sugar is going to help both of you. It just depends what children are exposed to.

Schools can also include additional physical education classes. Schools can motivate children where parents lack efforts. If parents and school walk hand in hand for prevention of childhood obesity, then shortly word obesity will fade away from this world.

With so many eye-catching unhealthy foods floating in market, it is not easy to keep your child away from them particularly when they are away from your protected hands. But with little extra care and extra work in kitchen we can keep our child from being obese.

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