Obesity in Teenagers

Obesity in Teenagers

Teenagers form one section of the society which is high on following fashion trends, and is equally high on being conscious and feeling an inferiority complex too. An adult may not mind so much if he/she is fat, but obesity in case of teenagers can make them feel depressed.

They may stop socialising with friends and would not want to go out. Some restrict them in their house itself and do not wish to hang out much with friends. They also constantly feel conscious about how they are looking and always have a feeling in crowded places that everyone is looking at them and making fun of them. As a result, they do not experiment much with various fashion trends also.

However, one way of overcoming all of these problems is by removing the root cause itself – obesity. Teenagers have a tendency to be dependent on junk food at all times, which adds a lot of calories to their body, and hence they increase weight.

But obesity during teenage years is something that comes with a high cost of complications, the effects of most of which are seen in later stages of life. In order to reduce weight, cutting down on the junk food is very important. Same applies to the various kinds of carbonated drinks too. Efforts should be made to switch over to juices instead, along with healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Partying is one common element in a teenager’s life. However, heavy indulgence in substances like drugs, alcohol and smoking etc. can increases your weight, and at the same time affects your healthy adversely too. Therefore, it is necessary to keep such habits in check.

Since teenage is one stage of life when there are also a lot of relationship troubles, a lot of teenagers have a tendency to indulge in binge eating after they have faced a break-up, or when they are emotionally depressed.

In such cases, they do comfort eating and depend heavily on fattening and high calorie foods such as chocolates, ice-creams, junk foods etc. This again needs to be avoided.

Regular exercising helps. The form of exercise can be any ranging from swimming to dancing to skating. As long as you have a well balanced diet and a comfortable lifestyle free of stress along with regular exercising, you will be able to keep your weight in check.

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