Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

The DSLR cameras are solely meant for the travellers and the professional photographers. But these types of cameras are usually heavy and not so handy. However, the all new Olympus SP-810UZ is fully equipped with features that a DLSR camera must have and is quite compact and light.

Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

The 14 megapixel shooter is simply a delight to avid users and professionals as it is embedded with several fascinating functions. The camera boasts of a 3D image sensor and optical zoom lens of 24 – 864 mm with f 2.9 – 5.7. The 720p video recording is generic to all DSLR cameras but the 3D imaging, compactness and the pet detection function are the extra features in Olympus SP-810UZ that separates it from the DSLR family.

Compared to the previous model SP-800UZ this new baby has come up with enchanting new features like beauty modes, inbuilt panorama stitching, ten magic filters, AF tracking and a smart Auto mode. However, the Olympus SP-810UZ just like its predecessor also comes with a rear LCD screen measuring 3 inch and having aspect ratio of 16:9.

Olympus SP-810UZ Features

The Olympus SP-810UZ has dimensions of 106 x 76 x 73.5 mm and weighs around 413 grams which is quite light considering the fact that this weight is inclusive of the memory card and the lithium ion battery. This model is excellently designed with black and silver and has the capability of supporting memory cards like SDHC, SDXC and SC and even Eye-Fi media.

As far as clarity of the TFT LCD screen is concerned it uses the TruePic III + technology and the brightness can be increased up to five levels. The image formats for the still photographs captured by the device include JPEG, EXIF 2.21, DPOF and DCF. Videos are recorded in MPEG-4 format and audio in AAC format.

Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

Olympus already has the reputation of providing excellent zoom quality to its cameras and the Olympus SP-810UZ is also endowed with 3 ED glass and 4 aspheric glass elements to enchant the masses. With such sophisticated lens structure you get a focal length ranging from 4.3 to 154.8 mm and a 4 times magnification effect from the digital zoom.

The customizable shooting rate is also one of the talking points of the device as you can easily adjust your camera to shoot at 30 frames per second at 2 MP resolution or 0.73 frames per second at 14 MP resolution.

Image Quality Of Olympus SP-810UZ

If you are looking for a close range or group photograph the Olympus SP-810UZ with 36x optical zoom does the job splendidly. The noise reduction and the grainy colour speckles on the picture are well taken care of by the TruePic III + technology. The snapper also boasts of the Dual Image Stabilization feature that allows the user to take snaps of fast moving targets with minimum blurring.

Easy Handling Of Olympus SP-810UZ

The 3 incher TFT LCD screen at the rear end of the device provides 16:9 aspect ratio and enough space for the user to review every frame thoroughly. The Olympus SP-810UZ is equipped with the Shadow Adjustment and the Advanced Face Detection technology that automatically adjusts and edits the snaps taken.

The face of the subject you are targeting to shoot can be customized in any format of your choice. For the people who are quite conscious about their facial blemishes that mar their photogenic efforts there is the Beauty mode that automatically conceals the defects and keeps you away from airbrushing before posing.

Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

The interface of the camera is quite user friendly as everything is taken good care of by the Intelligent Auto mode also known as the i-Auto mode and together with the AF Tracking mode setting and focusing with the camera becomes a child’s play.

Again, there are few pet owners who try their level best to chase down their furry and ignorant friend in order to get a decent snap. This snapper from Olympus comes with the Pet Detection mode that automatically takes the shot as soon as it detects that your pet is facing the camera.

Innovative Side Of Olympus SP-810UZ

The Olympus SP-810UZ is definitely going to provide you with a platform to do some experimenting with photography. Firstly, it is among the rarest launch in the tech market that is going to offer its target customers with 3D technology associated with photo shooting.

Secondly, the ten charming filters enhancing the creativity in shots can be added to both still images and videos. These filters include sparkle, pop art, miniature, dish eye and punk. The in-camera Panorama is also one among the most innovative features of the camera worth mentioning.

The Negatives Of Olympus SP-810UZ

The Olympus SP-810UZ is solely meant for the novice photographers and they need not have to pass a heavy equipment carrying test in order to get qualified as DSLR users. The device is equipped with almost all features of a DSLR camera but it lacks manual settings and thus making it harder for the professional DSLR users to opt for this camera who are accustomed to both automatic and manual modes in personal cameras.

Olympus SP-810UZ Digital Camera Price In India, Olympus SP-810UZ Review And Features

Moreover, in spite of the fact that the digital camera has got an excellent zooming capability it becomes necessary to land the same on a tripod if you are looking for a shot beyond 250 mm.

Price Of Olympus SP-810UZ

The Olympus SP-810UZ is priced at around INR 16000 which is quite affordable and sensible considering the fact that the camera comes with a great deal of DSLR features except the bulk which is a common feature for every archaic DSLR camera. The Olympus SP-810UZ is an ideal camera for a beginner who recently started shooting and loves snapping everything they spot.

This camera is solely for those rookies who find photographs showing objects in motion and blurred backgrounds extremely fascinating. However, if you simply overlook the fact that you need to carry a tripod wherever you go with the shooter then it is definitely going to prove itself as the perfect travelling companion.

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