Oprah Says she's Not a Lesbian

Oprah Says she's Not a Lesbian

Oprah Says sheCelebrities never cease to surprise. In all Oprah Winfrey shows, we watch the guests and audience become emotional. Yet, for once, we now see Oprah sob about her rumors of being a lesbian. Of course, Oprah has heard the lesbian rumors and her link up with Gayle King. What does Oprah say about being a lesbian? Well, she assertively denies all rumors of her being gay and lesbian.

Is Oprah Lesbian or is it a Rumor?

Everyone knows about the long-term acquaintance of Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey. Graham Stedman, a businessperson, and Oprah have been seeing each other for a long time too. Though they have not yet tied the knot, Stedman and Oprah are very much together. Oprah totally rejects the rumor that she is a lesbian.

In an interview with Barbara Walters for ABC channel, Oprah points out clearly that she is not gay. Oprah mentioned in the interview that the rumors made her very sad. Oprah feels that people may think she is lying while she is truthful about not being a lesbian.

Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey Relation

Gayle King is Oprah’s best friend, edits the Oprah Magazine and was earlier an anchor and talk show host. Gayle and Oprah have been best friends for a long time and both are dating different men. Hence, Oprah is true when she says that she is not a lesbian.

Gayle King was also a special correspondent and worked on the Oprah Winfrey Show. She also worked in Good Morning America show. Oprah plans to have her own network channel in 2011 and Gayle King will host a show on that channel to talk about lifestyle and other topics. Both, Gayle and Oprah know each other since twenty years and have a long story of friendship.

Oprah also mentioned in the ABC interview that Gayle is like a friend, mother and guide to her. She said that it is a close relationship unlike what the rumors say. Oprah feels she is lucky to get a good friend and sister like Gayle. She was emotional talking about Gayle during the interview.

Rumors aside, Oprah is quite nervous about the upcoming Oprah Winfrey Network cable channel. The network is due in May next year and Oprah has spent a few sleepless nights thinking about the work. The highly popular Oprah Winfrey Show will soon end next year, as Oprah will launch her own network. She seems to be scared about the project. Gay or not, it is her personal life and we hope that she puts all rumors to rest and does well with the new Oprah network channel.

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