Orange Peels

Orange Peels

Orange Peels - Home Remedies with Orange Peels - Health Benefits of Orange - Minerals in Orange - Vitamins in Orange | Tips on - Find TipsWe are all aware of the different health benefits that can be easily obtained from orange. Orange is a seasonal fruit and a storehouse of various vitamins and minerals. They are rich in vitamin C. They help to keep the cardiovascular and kidney problems at bay and thus lengthens your life. It is also said to purify the blood and thus helps to regulate the circulation of blood. Thus, oranges are an essential part of your diet regime.

However, today we will not talk about oranges here instead we will highlight the advantages of orange peel. Yes, you have read it right “Orange PEEL”. No, do not get surprised. Orange peels are also equally beneficial like oranges. Here are some effective advantages of orange peel.

Facial Glow: Like oranges even their peels make an effective face care product. They are very good skin scrub. Dry orange peels under sun and then transform them into powder form. Take a small amount and add some milk to it. Apply the mixture on your face, hands and feet to scrub off the dirt and dust and bring about a natural glow on them.

Mosquito repellent: Orange peels are also very effective mosquito repellent. Make a paste out of it and apply it on your skin. Mosquitoes are highly allergic to the smell of this paste and thus they will not come close to you.

Save domestic plants from cats: If you want to protect your domestic plants from cats, then you can leave some orange peels on the soil of your plant pots. This will prevent the cats from going near to the pots and thus, your plants will be spared from damage.

Scent: Orange peels are storehouse of beautiful fragrance. If you want some natural and fresh smell for your room, boil some orange peel on a stove in the concerned area and it will emit a beautiful and natural fragrance which will be far more enticing than any artificial room freshener.

Decoration: They are very good decorative items. You can use them in your dry flower arrangement to make it more attractive.

Bath oil: They make beautiful and fragrant bath oils. Boil some orange peel in a bowl of clean water, sieve it and add this water to your bathing water. This will give you a refreshing bath.

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