Osteoarthritis Knee Exercises

Osteoarthritis Knee Exercises

Knee osteoarthritis cause pain in the knee joint as it is the knee that bears most of the body weight. The knees become swollen and stiff and also painful. Even basic tasks like standing and sitting that involve the knee joints then become difficult.
One of the best treatments of this problem is to exercise the knees. Regular and correct exercising will help to strengthen the knee and also make it more flexible. Here are some easy exercises that you can do at home. Sit on a chair and keep a stool in front of you.Osteoarthritis Knee Exercises

Place one leg on the stool. Hold the sides of the chair and gently press your knee toward the floor. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat again and then change legs and repeat the same way. Do this ten times on each leg . These are called knee extensions.

Now remove the stool and sit on the chair. Raise one leg at a time and bring it down. When the leg is lifted hold it for a few counts before bringing it down. Repeat this exercise ten times on each leg and do it at least three times a day as it will help strengthen the knees.

Again while sitting on the chair; take a long towel and place it below the sole of one foot Gently pull the cloth from both ends so that your leg lifts up. Hold this pose for a few counts and repeat on the other leg. The leg must be raised not more than four inches off the ground.

Again using the towel place it on the sole of the foot. Hold the towel from the ends and try ad straighten the knee by lifting the leg. Once the leg is outstretched push the sole of your foot on the towel for much as you can. Repeat five to six times on each leg.

If these exercises are done regularly and correctly you will find tremendous improvement in your knee joints and the pain and swelling will be reduced considerably. As your knee joints get more flexible you can increase the amount of exercise you are doing.

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