Outer Ear Problems

Outer Ear Problems

Outer Ear Problems - Hearing Loss - Parts of Ear - Common Outer Ear Problems | Tips on - Find TipsThere are three parts of the ear – the outer ear, middle ear and the inner ear. Any problem arising in any of these three zones might cause loss in hearing. Some of the problems can be cured easily with medication, whereas other might require complicated treatments.

The outer ear comprises of the auricle and the ear canal. If hearing loss is a result of any problem or defect in the outer ear, then it could be cured easily.

Common Outer Ear Problems


Formation of earwax is a natural process, by which the tissues and the eardrum are kept moistened. The ear has its natural cleaning process, but in spite of it, earwax might accumulate in the year. Perhaps the most common cause of temporary hearing loss is blockage of the ear canal with earwax or cerumen. Doctors easily remove earwax by flashing the ear with water. Specialized instruments are often used to remove the earwax. A number of wax removal preparations are available over the counter that could help you to deal with the problem yourself. However, it is advisable that you do not use cotton swabs that are freely available, to clean your earwax. These cotton tipped swaps tend to push the earwax deeper inside the ear.


Outer ear infection can cause swelling, itching and redness. Swimmer’s ear is a common type of outer ear infection. However, most of these conditions do not cause hearing loss if treated properly. If the infection is severe, the swelling might extend to the ear canal causing temporary hearing loss. Acute Otitis Externa is an acute bacterial infection that causes swelling of the outer ear canal.

Insertion of foreign bodies

If any foreign body is inserted in the ear, it might block the ear canal resulting in hearing loss. Ticks, ants or any other bugs might enter the ear. The bug should be removed from the ear as soon as possible to prevent any damage to the ear.

Other causes

Birth defects or injuries in the external ear might be responsible for hearing loss.

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