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Outside The Box - Calf Press Machine - Hand Held Weights - Triceps Exercise » Think Outside the BoxWhat is the spice of life gentleman? Variety. We all think that we need to stay within a certain realm with our workouts and variety and change is the most important thing you can do to keep your workouts and muscle gain fresh.

By varying the sets and reps that you do in your regular workout, you will challenge your body giving you better results. Don’t make the changes too overwhelming or you may loose the desire to stick with it. A few changes that you can make are adding calf presses on a leg press. By using this machine, you are able to target the calf muscle group and work it harder.

Another exercise that you can do is shrugs on a calf raise machine. To do this exercise, you want to shrug in place of moving your calves. This will work your trapezius which is generally exercised by using dumbbells or hand held weights.

If you are working on your upper arms and forearms then reverse curls can take care of both in one single movement. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Work out those arm muscles with this variation of your current exercise.

Your triceps will definitely give you definition and muscle to your arms. By adding the French press with a cable pulley attachment, you can get that muscle tone and build up that you have been craving for. Just stand back and watch your muscles grow before your eyes.

As said, variety is the key to keeping your body jumping and the muscles confused. Confusion is a great way to re-train your body so that it won’t know what hit it. Things can get stagnant and then there will be no more muscle growth.

Do some research on ways that you can improve your workout with other exercises that will challenge your workout and your body. You need to make sure that your routine never stays the same so that your muscles will continue to grow.

Grab a book from the library or simply jump on line and do some reading. A little knowledge can go a long way in the gym.

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