Overambitious - Overambitious Child - Sensitive - Sensitive Child - Highly Sensitive Child - Parenting Sensitive Child - » Is your child Overambitious yet Sensitive?A highly competitive and a fast world has witnessed a rising growth of sensitivity amongst children which in turn has led to an increasing number of psychological and neurological disorders due to the inability of the children to handle social and emotional pressures. Parenting becomes very important in relation to the successful grooming up of sensitive children as parents can help their child to constructively channelise his emotions and feelings. Moreover, it is very important for the child to develop the courage and the strength to cope up with failures so that the rising cases of depression and suicides can be brought under check.

Parenting plays the most important role in a child’s life as his overall development is dependent on the way he is groomed by his parents. The role of parents becomes even more important when the child is overambitious and sensitive. While an overambitious child sets high limits for himself, his sensitive nature does not teach him to endure failures. Thus, these children develop extreme reactions of irritability, anger, depression and even suicidal tendencies. These children require proper grooming and constant counseling from their early life and no one can do this better than their parents as they are their advisors, friends as well as protectors. However, a parent should not become overprotective as over sheltering would not help the child to learn the basic fundamentals of facing the harsh realities of the world.

Every parent wants his/her child to do well in all fields of life. However, parents should be careful in selecting realistic targets for their children as performing with the added pressure of expectation adds more stress in a child’s life. Moreover, if your child is already a highly overambitious one, the role of the parents demands that they help in counseling the child so that he doesn’t crumble under his own expectation. Every child needs to be taught to face failure bravely as failing is nothing to feel guilty about. It is rightly said that “Failure is the stepping stone to success” and every child should develop the courage and the strength to turn a failure into one’s success and not to crumble under it.

Parenting thus plays an important role in today’s life so that every child is taught to successfully handle his emotions and feelings. In the cut throat competition of today’s world, it is the parents job to make their children realize that being a successful human being is more important than coming first in everything.

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