Oxygen Facial for Healthy Skin

Oxygen Facial for Healthy Skin

Oxygen Facial for Healthy Skin - Oxygen Facial Benefits - Facial Treatment - Wrinkle Removal | Tips on - Find TipsOne day you will stand in front of the mirror and suddenly discover that the fine lines on your skin are making you look older. While your biological clock is ticking, you can try to reduce its speed through some good habits, healthy food and exercises. If a healthy lifestyle could not produce the result you are looking for, a visit to the spa becomes necessary. There are several facial treatments available in your favorite spa, and oxygen facial is one of them. Madonna, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are some of the celebrities who use oxygen facial for rejuvenating their skins.

Oxygen Facial

One of the reasons for the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with aging is lack of our aging skin cells to retain and circulate oxygen. Oxygen is essential for the growth of new and healthy skin cells. If circulation of oxygen is inadequate at the cellular level, our skin cells will break down prematurely.

Oxygen Facial Procedure

Oxygen facial utilizes pure oxygen for cleansing, hydrating and exfoliating the facial skin. The first step of oxygen facial is exfoliation or removal of the dead cells. Once the exfoliation process is complete, the skin is cleansed, toned and conditioned by applying a solution on the skin. The next step involves hydrating the skin.

A vitamin-rich topical mask is applied, which helps to draw moisture into the skin cells lying below the epidermis or the outer layer of your skin. After the hydrating process is complete, pure oxygen gas along with several vitamins, minerals and proteins, essential for healthy skin, are pumped into the dermal layer of our skin through a vapor mist.

Oxygen Facial benefits

Oxygen facial instantly increases oxygen circulation in your skin, making it soft and supple. It provides all the necessary nutrients your skin needs along with fresh oxygen. It nourishes your skin and facilitates growth of healthy skin cells. Oxygen facial is suitable for men and women of all ages and all skin types.

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