Paint Colors For Dining Room

Paint Colors For Dining Room

Paint Colors For Dining Room - Feng Shui In The Dining Room - Dining Room Colors » Colors for Dinning RoomDinning room is one of the central and important places of a house. Along with providing a central eating place, this is also a room which is most accessible to guests as you would often use dinning room while hosting lunch or dinner parties. The colors for this room should be thus carefully selected so that they are pleasing and comfortable along with aiding in digestion. Choosing the right colors is essential as it has been found, especially according to feng shui, that certain colors suit the entire dinning room atmosphere while others do not. Read ahead to find out more about these colors.

It has been found that orange and shades of it like peach and apricot are a very good color option for dinning room. This is because orange as a color has the power to stimulate one’s appetite along with aiding in digestion. Thus, if you don’t feel hungry or if your kids pose major challenges in eating food, then you can try the benefit of orange color. If not on the walls, this color can be incorporated in the dinning room through table cloths, napkins, etc. Like orange, red too helps in increasing metabolism. However, this color is also related with aggression and should thus be used intelligently and not in excess. Yellow and cream provide the entire room with a peaceful and comforting effect and are also colors which are considered best for socializing.

Warm colors like gold or subdued colors like beiges and browns are also a good option for the dinning room. Painting the walls of the room with these colors makes the room peaceful, and inviting. Along with being aware of the colors to be used in dinning room for positive effect, you should also be aware of the colors which should not be used. These include blue due to it hunger repressing quality and also pinks and violets.

Follow these tips to use colors to your advantage.

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