Paralysis- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Paralysis- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Paralysis- Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - Problem With Paralysis » Causes and Symptoms of ParalysisYou must have often heard about a person getting paralyzed after meeting with an accident. There are various factors that can lead to the dreaded problem of paralysis. Paralysis is a medical condition in which a person suffers from a loss of sensation and movement of the affected body parts. This article will throw light on the problem of paralysis, its symptoms, and causes.

The problem of paralysis often makes a person bed-ridden and immobile and thereby forces a person to lead a vegetable existence. Thus, paralysis is one of the most traumatic problems a person can suffer from.

There are various factors that can lead to paralysis. To begin with, paralysis can be caused suddenly when there is some damage to the nervous system. This in turn can be caused by stroke, brain injury, or by a physical trauma. Similarly, the onset of paralysis can be gradual where-in there is a gradual deterioration in the sensation and mobility of limbs. This is usual seen in people suffering from spinal problems. Increase in stress, change in lifestyle, and inherent neurological disorders are some of the other factors that can lead to a paralytic attack.

After having looked at some of the causes of paralysis, let’s talk about its symptoms. The effects of paralysis depend upon the severity of the problem. There are some people who suffer from partial paralysis where-in the left or right side of their body gets paralyzed or some specific body parts get paralyzed. Similarly, there are also some people who have their full body paralyzed.

Paralysis usually affects the mobility of a person. This in turn makes the affected person dependent on others to perform even the daily tasks of life. The person loses sensation in the affected body part which often becomes numb. In addition, paralysis also adversely affects the nervous system of a person due to which the affected person can suffer from speech problems, behavioral changes, and difficulty in co-ordination.

Since paralysis makes a person bed-ridden, the affected person can develop other complications like bed sores, spasticity of limbs, and even problems related with blood circulation. In addition, paralysis often has an adverse effect on the psychological and emotional health of the affected person.

Given above are some of the common causes and symptoms of paralysis. The treatment of this problem is largely dependent upon the underlying cause of the problem. However, the most important thing for a healthy and fast recovery is to remain optimistic in life.

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