Paris- The City Of Love & Lights

Paris- The City Of Love & Lights

Paris- The City Of Love & Lights - Places To Visit In Paris » Paris: City Of LoveParis is popularly known all over the world as the City of Lights’ and ‘City of Love.’ It has a population of almost 2 million and is visited by almost twenty five million tourists every year. The city has several museums, parks and markets for the visitors and the local residents. If you’re planning to go to Paris but don’t know how to begin exploring the city, here is a brief guide. Â

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the world’s most beautiful churches, is a good place to start. The 800-year-old cathedral is one of the most famous Parisian landmarks. The area around Notre Dame is charming and scenic. Here you’ll enjoy a walking tour of the delightful boutiques, libraries, galleries, and cozy cafes.

The Musee du Louvre, better known as the Louvre, is one of the most famous museums in the world. It definitely belongs near the top, if not at the top, of the list of places to visit. It is humanly impossible to see and appreciate all the art treasures contained in the Louvre. But if you had to make a short list, you can content yourself with exploring Napoleon Bonaparte’s three apartments, analyzing Mona Lisa’ s intriguing smile and admiring the magnificent Venus de Milo.

After leaving the Louvre, you can continue your exploration of the city by visiting the ‘Les Puces’ (literally ‘The Fleas’), acknowledged as the most famous flea market in Paris. This is truly a shopper’s heaven, with numerous shops selling anything from Art Deco furniture and other kinds of furniture (from Chinese to country-style), to mirrors, paintings, textiles, vintage clothing, books, antique toys, etc.

Paris has almost 400 parks for everyone to enjoy, but the Jardin du Luxembourg is probably the most popular. It features the Luxemburg Palace, which used to be a royal residence, a magnificent fountain, gardens, and a tennis courts. The parks provide an escape for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you have a taste for the macabre, the Catacombs of Paris would appeal to you. This is an underground cemetery located in one section of caverns and tunnels under the city, what remains of Paris’ ancient stone mines. It supposedly contains the bones of almost six million people buried through many centuries. Here you will see stacks of human bones and skulls arranged in various patterns (crosses, hearts, arcs). The sight is both unnerving and fascinating.

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