Party Games for Elders

Party Games for Elders

Party Games for Elders - Balloon Pumping Race - Quiz Game - Rubber Band Game | Tips on - Find TipsParties are nice times to get elders to do some real good physical activity. So here I have some games which elders can play in a party.

Find the treasure

Hide a treasure somewhere in the party hall. Allow everybody to look for the treasure. The person who gets the treasure wins.


Call 10 people on the stage. Give them 15 seconds and allow them to collect some particular thing. It could be collecting the maximum number of credit cards or collecting some particular colored valets etc. Whoever gets the maximum number of things wins.

Rubber band game

Call five couples on the stage. Give all the ladies rubber bands. Give them 1 minute. See how many pony tails they can tie on their husband’s head in one minute. The guy with the maximum number of pony tails on his head wins.


Everybody is busy with their work. There would be no time for anything else. So it is good opportunity for you to know how much GK they have. Ask very difficult questions. If you want this quiz to be jovial, then you can ask very wacky questions also.

Prize unwrap

Give each of the couple a prize which is wrapped in multiple sheets of paper. The person who finishes first using minimum time wins the game. Remember! When they remove the sheets of paper from the gift, these papers have to be thrown only in the dustbin by the other partner.

Balloon pumping race

Give each couple a bicycle pump and a number of balloons. Give them a minute time. The couple who have the highest number of balloons pumped wins the race.

Dress like ancients

Keep ancient shoes, dresses, belts and other accessories in boxes. Keep these boxes near the finish line. When you say go all the players should run to the finish line and should wear all the accessories properly. They have to return back to the starting line. The person who finishes first with all the accessories tightly tied and worn, wins.

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