Party Ideas

Party Ideas

Party Ideas - Send-Off Party - Send-Off Party Ideas - Senior Send-Off Party | Tips on - Find TipsSend off party is the best time to show how much you love your seniors and how much they have helped you in the college. There can be a lot of times when you have not liked something about your seniors. Don’t you think, at least on the last day you need to tell them about this? You have to make this day very interesting and memorable for your seniors also. So here are some contests and games you can try for your seniors send off party.

Walk on the Ramp

You have to select Ms. College or Mr. College. So make them walk on the ramp. The person who is best dressed, smart or beautiful along with good physic or figure wins. Most importantly they should do the cat walk well.

Best Dressed through the Years

You would have seen your seniors for several years and obviously you will know a guy or girl who has dressed throughout the years well. Don’t you think that person needs to be encouraged for what he or she has been? So don’t you think that person deserves a prize? Give an innovatively thought prize. Something likes a coat or a hat which adds feathers in their life.

Mr. Colorful

You would have seen many seniors who have a funny dressing sense who prefer to have a lot of colors on their dress. Why should not we recognize them? So search for a guy or girl who has been dressing most colorfully throughout the semesters. Give him a colorful scarf as a mark of recognition.

Serious Guys

We as juniors like jovial easy going guys. But there will be some senior guys who would have not even tried to speak to their juniors. Don’t you think you should recognize these people and in the form of a prize tell them to change themselves?

Lazy Guys

There will be people among the seniors who remain to be the laziest among the lot. These parties are high time to recognize them and change them. So recognize these guys and give them a walking stick telling them that they have to be more active.

Most Friendly Guy

Pick one item from each of the seniors which they generally use. Put numbers on them so that you don’t forget to whom it belongs. Tell each of the senior to recognize, to whom each thing belongs, while all the other seniors stand outside. The person who gets the maximum answers right is the winner and this shows that he has been very observant and friendly throughout his semesters.

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