Patiala House Movie Review

Patiala House Movie Review

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And RatingThere’s a very well known saying that goes like this, ‘ Chase you dreams, don’t give up, you live only once!’ While most of us would agree to this inspirational message, there are some out there who feel that family values are more important when it comes to deciding between their dreams and their loved ones.

What if you were one of those individuals who had forsaken everything you ever wanted in life, for your family? What if the world you left behind eons ago, comes searching for you again? And what if you are given a second chance to live out your life the way you wanted to, even if that means earning the wrath of the ones you love? Will you do it? Confused? Then watch ‘Patiala House’.

Released on February 11, 2011, ‘Patiala House’ has been directed by Nikhil Advani and stars Akshay Kumar and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. A typical Punjabi film will be loaded with plenty of messages about love, familian bonding, sacrifices, and not to mention foot tapping songs. And that is what you get to see in this film which interweaves these messages with an international sport, cricket!

Say hello to the Kahlon household in Southall, England. A typical Punjabi family that is controlled by the extremely orthodox Sikh Gurtej Kahlon (Rishi Kapoor), the household is filled with seemingly cheery individuals, most of whom have sacrificed their dreams and ambitions (English) at the insistance of Gurtej Kahlon.

The reason? As a young individual who came to England to eke out a living, Gurtej Kahlon has seen more than his share of racist attacks in the past that has left him bitter cold about the English and their country (funny, wonder why he still wants to live there when he abhors everything British?).

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

And so, everyone in his family (a total of 12-14 members) find themselves coming under his stern glare and sometimes, nasty outbursts, whenever they so much as breathe a word about wanting to achieve something great in life.

We have one member of the Kahlon household who, wanting to become the numero uno chef in London resigns himself to frying jalebis at home. And then there is the aspiring film maker who is forced to dream about Hollywood and movies behind the wheel of the taxi he drives. There’s also a sister (Hard Kaur) who is extremely fond of rapping but finds herself singing bhajans when papa Gurtej puts his foot down in vehement denial.

This behavior of Gurtej Kahlon has the rest of the family members fuming and miserable, traits they expose with their caustic mannerisms. All except one that is! Parghat Singh, fondly called as Gattu (Akshay Kumar) may perhaps be the family member who is worst affected by Gurtej Kahlon’s tyrannical rule.

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Being the former’s son, Gattu is mad about cricket and playing for the England team. However, this 35 year old has his own share of problems when papa Gurtej manages to successfully crush his dreams of ever becoming a cricketer almost 17 years back. Accordingly, the flash back shows papa Gurtej hurling abuses at Gattu and a crowd of 100 spectators at a cricket match, just because Gattu made the team and wanted to play for the country he loves.

And so we find Gattu mope around the house with nothing to do, completely indiffirent to his father’s frequent outbursts. The only person who seems to understand his pain (apart from his mother) is his childhood sweetheart Simran (Anushka Sharma).

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Anyways, everthing seems to be going just the way papa Gurtej wants it to be when trouble comes knocking on the door in the form of Mr. Bedi (Tinu Anand). As a minority cricket selector who has seen Gattu bowl at an empty field for nearly 17 years, Mr. Bedi wants to give the promising cricketer another chance and wants to select him for the squad that would represent the Southall Sikhs in the England team.

That’s it! All hell breaks loose in the household with Gattu coming to realise that this may be the only chance left for him to chase a dream that has never let go of him, although he chose to leave it behind several years back. His family members are ecstatic about Gattu’s second innings, but fear papa Gurtej’s wrath, should he come to know about this.

What happens from here forms the rest of the story in ‘Patiala House’. Whether Gattu manages to relive his childhood dream of becoming a cricketer or whether he chooses to throw away the second chance that has be given to him for the sake of his father forms the crux of this family drama.

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

First things first. Judging by Akshay Kumar’s previous releases (most of which centered out comedy), if you think that ‘Patiala House’ is a comedy movie, you are wrong! For comedy plays only a light role in this otherwise serious film which centers more on histronics and family values. The movie is emotionally tense, threatening to moisten your eyes at regular intervals.

Unlike many other family entertainers that shed more light on the entertainment quotient while neglecting the story, ‘Patiala House’ actually has a base plot to build up the story on; with the entertainment quotient being tightly wrapped around it.

Some of the sequences in the movie are downright brilliant and have been shot in a realistic manner. The flash back scenes where young papa Gurtej witnesses the brutality of the British racist attacks are aesthetic. The scene where he commands his Gutta (the young one is played by Usman Qureshi) to leave cricket and his dreams is realistic. The climax is an emotional stunner for sure and you almost get up on your seat to cheer Gutta as he wins the match for England while his father looks on from the audience. Of course, one should completely ignore the song that accompanies the climax which threatens to pull down the film’s euphoric ending.

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

The performances are noteworthy with the actors playing out their parts to perfection. This can very well be counted as one of the Akshay Kumar’s best performances with the actor going all out to essay the role of a son who appears cheery outside but is in fact torn between the love for his family and the sport he worships.

Rishi Kapoor who plays Sikh Gurtej Kahlon is spectacular as the family patriarch who has comepltely settled down in the U.K. but is still an Indian at heart. Dimple Kapadia as his wife shines in the scene where she confronts Rishi about her son’s dream.

Anushka as Simran is the perfect shoulder for Gutta to lean on. Slipping right into the shoes of her character, Anushka manages to connect with you immediately and forms an integral part of the story and Gutta’s dreams as well.

Patiala House Movie Review - Patiala House Story, Movie Review, Cast And Rating

Armaan Kirmani (Gutta’s brother), Jeneva Talwar (Armaan’s wife), Usman Qureshi (the young Gutta), Tinnu Anand, Prem Chopra, and Soniu Razdan are all natural in their respective roles. hard Kaur is ok. The film also has a few interesting cameos by cricketers like Symonds, Gibbs, McCullum, Pollard and Nassir Hussain etc. who make for interesting viewing.

On the whole, ‘Patiala House’ is an interesting watch which has a few surprises loaded up in an otherwise normal family drama about dreams and conflicts. And inspite of a lackluster screenplay and the fact that the World Cup Cricket tournament is right around the corner, the film would most probably strike a chord with the audience and stay in the theaters for a good couple of weeks.

Director: Nikhil Advani

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Anushka Sharma, Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Prem Chopra, Hard Kaur, Rabbit Sack C.

Rating: 3/5

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