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Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson - Patrick wilson biography - Patrick wilson filmography - Patrick wilson movies » Patrick WilsonIf ever there was someone who was born with the talent to act a role it has to be Patrick Wilson or he has to be among the few who are. Patrick was a known figure on Broadway and the West Coast where he had dominated the scene for quite some time before the made his presence felt in Hollywood’s films such as little Children and Hard Candy. However, unlike many successful actors Patrick actually received training in theatre acting at Carnegie Mellon from where he graduated in the year 1995. Patrick proudly boasts of his Undergraduate award in Theater Music. His typical profile will tell you that Patrick began his acting career as a tour performer when he acted in shows such as ‘Carousel’ and proceeded to take up roles on stage. One of his memorable performances was “The Cider House Rules” and the musical “The Full Monty” in 2000.

It was not as late as the year 2003 that Patrick, just 30, was given the opportunity to display his acting talents in television shows as well as films. Opportunities he grabbed and used with as much skill as he had for acting. During this time Patrick acted opposite actors like Al Pacino in “Angels in America” and others such as “The Phantom of the Opera.” It was only in his films “Hard Candy” and “Little Children” that Patrick could display his prowess in enacting roles of very psychologically complex characters.

Patrick has turned out to be a phenomenal success in show biz and has developed into a brand of his own, and in a very short period too. His lead role in the movie “Barry Munday” was a huge success where he played the titular character was appreciated with much praise in the media as was his role in the silver screen adaptation of the novel “Watchmen”. It would not be wrong to say that Patrick has come a long way in a very short time and promises to go a very long way ahead – we wish him all the success he rightly deserves.

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