Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter - Choosing a Pet Sitter - How To Choose A Petsitter - Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter | Tips on - Find TipsPet sitter is a person who is qualified enough to take care of your pet when you are out of station. A good pet sitter knows how to give exercise to your pet and also knows to train them. He may also be aware of the diseases and problems associated with the pets.

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

1. Your pet will be in an environment that is familiar to him and will have their routine exercise and regular food.
2. Your pet will be more comfortable than traveling with you or staying in a boarding kennel.
3. The pet will get attention and you will be comfortable by knowing that your pet is in safe hands.
4. Your friends and neighbors don’t have the burden of caring your pet.
5. The pet sitter may offer additional services like brining in your mail and newspapers, watering the plants etc which may keep the burglars away as they are not aware that you are away.

How to Find a Pet Sitter

Enquire among the relatives, friends, neighbors who may have previous experience and also ask for your veterinarian’s recommendation. Your local animal shelters can also help you in this matter. There are national associations for professional pet sitters and you may get reference from such associations also.

How to Interview the Pet Sitter

1. You must enquire about the training or qualification of the pet sitter.
2. Whether the pet sitter has any connection with a veterinary doctor who can help him in emergencies.
3. What all services the pet sitter is providing like grooming, washing, training, exercising etc and also other jobs like taking in the mail and news paper, watering the plants etc. Whether the pet sitter can provide live in service or about what time he will be with your pet.
4. Is your pet sitter is ready to provide a written agreement or contract that may include all the services and fees.
5. Is he recording any notes about your pet’s behavior like the habits, food, routines, play time, dislikes, medications, fears etc?
6. Whether the pet sitter can provide you with the phone number of previous customers as a reference.
7. Check whether the pet sitter has commercial liability insurance proof to cover negligence or accidents.

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