Physical Consequences Of Scleroderma On Muscular System

Physical Consequences Of Scleroderma On Muscular System

Physical Consequences Of Scleroderma On Muscular System - Physical Consequences Of Scleroderma On Respiratory System - Physical Consequences Of Scleroderma On Renal System | Tips on - Find TipsMuscular Crisis:

Joints may stop functioning after a period of time. There are chances of generalized arthralgias suffering by patients. Muscle tendons become very weak and patients feel morning stiffness. Some of the tendon friction rubs found are in elbows (colcannon), shoulder (scapula), wrists (flexor), fingers (flexor), ankle (Achilles, anterior tibia and peroneal) and knee (patella).

An increased level of creatinine serum is found which may cause due to myositis.

Respiratory And Gastrointestinal Crisis:

For patients with systemic sclerosis, pulmonary function testing is an important requirement. Normally 80% of patients have pulmonary disorder. In systemic sclerosis patients, this test will “demonstrate a decreased forced vital capacity and total lung capacity and a low DLCO. “ A CT scan is the way to detect pulmonary disorder.

In the gastrointestinal crisis, there can be severe esophagitis, Barrett metaplasia leading to cancer, reflux due to pressure on esophageal sphincter, mal- absorption, colonic diverticula, incompetence of anal sphincter, gastroparesis, constipation, decreased peristalsis and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Renal Crisis:

Patients having systemic sclerosis have 25% chances of developing scleroderma renal crisis. The renal crisis is generally observed between 4 years of scleroderma diagnosis and it may take as long as 20 years for detection. Renal crisis is more common in black skinned people rather than whites and is more common in men.

Some consequences of renal crisis are headache, dyspnea, oliguria, hypertension and increased level of creatinine. Most of the renal cases is caused due to the absence of “elevated blood pressure”.

Untreated renal crisis leads to renal failure. The need may arise for a dialysis or a renal transplant or else death is absolute. To control renal failure, avoid doses of corticosteroids. Patients having chances of renal crisis should monitor serum creatinine level, blood pressure and ACE (angiotensin-converting enzyme).

As scleroderma is mostly seen in women, it can cause pregnancy problems, dyspareunia and problem in menstruation. Pregnancy becomes highly complicated with a high rate of miscarriages.

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