Places to Visit in Bangkok

Places to Visit in Bangkok

Places to Visit in Bangkok - Hotels In Bangkok - President Hotel Bangkok - Buddha Temple » Bangkok- A wonderful cityBangkok is famous for its busy everyday life. The city is full of activities and one can live one’s life at its maximum. The city has variation in terms of traditions as it has modern blend of tradition and you will smell it once you enter the city. Bangkok has a good canal system which is full of romance and quietness. If you are on a water drift, then you will enjoy the houses built with wood and the markets. This is most peaceful place in the busy life of the city. Every one who visits Bangkok loves this serenity and natural beauty.

The city is full of historical monuments and you can visit the Buddha temple. The city has a rich cultural background and this cultural background is still preserved and visited by millions every year. Bangkok is no doubt a city which has everything to entertain every one.

The city has a great entertainment value for those who love wild life and nature. There is a safari park and a crocodile farm with thousands of crocodile species. Safari park has a variety of wild animals including zebra, giraffe and many kinds of birds. The interesting thing about the safari park is that all the animals are kept in their natural environment.

There is a marine park as well to entertain those who love to see this form of nature. The animals are trained to show different tricks and it is a great joy to watch them performing.

Siam Water Park is another place to visit. The park has an artificially built up sea with waterfalls and fountains. There are many places which provide entertainment to the whole family like Dream World Park and others.

You can find a variety of hotels in Bangkok which will facilitate you at maximum level. The culture of Thailand is everywhere; either you visit the temples, palace or the streets. The Thai food has also a lot of variation to offer. Every dish has its own taste and traditional blend. You will find everything in this busy city. You can have the feeling of serenity and luxury, comfort and peace and a lot more in the President Hotel of Bangkok.


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