Plastic Planet Movie Review

Plastic Planet Movie Review

Plastic Planet Movie Review - Plastic Planet Story, Movie Review, Cast & RatingAlways hearing about the numerous reports on the dangers and harmful side effects of using plastics and still not convinced about the same? Well, then you got to watch this movie aka documentary.

Titled ‘Plastic Planet’, the documentary provides the viewer with a useful insight into the real harm plastics can cause to the human body, and the world on a larger scale. The film manages to hit a home run with its horrifying, engaging and yet slightly humorous portrayal of the hidden dangers of plastic that are generally brushed off as being too negligent for concern.

Director Werner Boote dons the role of a reporter who travels to several countries (14 in fact!) to determine the truth behind the claims put forward by various environmentalists about the threats of using plastic and its derivatives.

Boote’s grandfather happened to be an early plastic manufacturing pioneer, a lead that helped Boote start this inquistive report which becomes more and more harrowing as it gathers evidences of a problem much worse than anticipated.

The scary revelation provided by Boote is that although plastic is deemed to be harmful, almost anything and everything that we use today, from clothing and wind turbines to even baby bottles seems to be made from the very material. How ironical is that!

Boote manages to interview several experts in the field of biology, genetics, pharmacology etc. and even manages to talk to a few manufacturers about the side effects. The results are startling. The reporter points out with substantial evidence, the harmful side effects that chemicals in plastic can have over the human body and the surrounding environment. And the fact remains that these chemicals have been slowly eroding everything that surrounds us for several years now.

The documentary ends with Boote’s interview with an industry leader who proposes the idea of plastic with self healing powers being available in the near future. Boote refutes the same claim, and remains unconvinced with the man’s words.

Although Plastic Planet moves along the same lines as another documentary called ‘Carbon Planet’ which also showcased the concerns surrounding the environment, Boote’s documentary is much more powerful and visually persuasive than the other.

The director has managed to blend in suitable computer animations and archival and new footage in the dynamic narrative which also shows the interviews conducted by him.

Plastic Planet Movie Review - Plastic Planet Story, Movie Review, Cast & Rating

Boote also manages to score over ‘Carbon Nation’ in the camerawork, editing and background musical scoring departments, all of which make ‘Plastic Planet’ more pleasing to watch when compared to the latter which employs a dry and straightforward narrative style.

Boote’s systematic use of old Tupperware commercials aligned with shots of plenty of landfills brimming with plastic waste manages to successfully drive home the point that plastics, safe or not, would eventually cause environmental decay on a massive scale.

The only issue with ‘Plastic Planet’ although you can hardly call it one, is that there are no confrontations with any owners of the multibillion plastic companies that apparently force their opinion of plastic production on politicians in return for hidden favors or agreements. One also wonders whether MSNBC which is closely affliated with GE would even want to comment on these allegations let along anchor a news piece on the topic

‘Plastic Planet’ also fails to provide useful solutions or choices to combat the issue at the end of the narrative. However, inspite of these minor flaws, one cannot brush aside the conclusion of the documentary as being too one sided. Plastics are hazardous to health and that is hard hitting conclusion of this powerful documentary which would most probably raise quite a few eyebrows in both the film and plastic industries.

Watching this movie would definitely make you think twice before buying or using plastic products in the future and this thought, the director hopes, when reinforced in several others, would bring about a dramatic change for the better. Until then, we have to contend with the fact that mankind is dying a slow, poisonous death, triggered by its own materialistic creation!

Director: Werner Boote

Rating: 4/5

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