Points to be Considered before Choosing a Puppy

Points to be Considered before Choosing a Puppy

Points to be Considered before Choosing a Puppy - Tips for Selecting a Puppy - Choose Right Type of Puppy | Tips on - Find TipsBefore Choosing a Puppy

Choosing a puppy is not an easy job as you might think. A puppy may have a life span of 10 to 15 years. So when you choose a puppy you are choosing a house mate for 10 to 15 years.

1. First discuss with your family members. All should be interested and willing to share the responsibility to look after a puppy. Puppy may be mischievous at younger age. You would have to adjust with its behavior.
2. Your home should be fit for a dog. Decide where to keep the puppy, inside or outside of the home. Big breed like Labrador needs large backyard for excise. Whereas small breed like Pomeranian can easily keep inside the house.

3. Your life style is very important. A puppy should be trained, need to be walked, and want to be played with. If you have twelve hours of work in a day you will not have enough time to spend with your pet.

4. You have to spend lot of money for feeding, training, vaccinating your pups. So you should have enough resources for this.

5. Check if you have other pets at home. If you have a cat the puppy should like to go along with it. Otherwise you would have to say goodbye to any one of them at last.

6. Choose right type of puppy. Decide whether you want male or female. Male would be more aggressive and female may be comparatively calm and quite. If you castrate the male it becomes docile. For breeding purpose it is better to avoid crossing male and female living together at your own home. They may be reluctant to cross.

7. Decide whether you want purebred or mixed. Pure bred puppies are good but they are more likely to have hereditary diseases. Mixed type would have less breed characters but they are accustomed to the climate conditions.

8. Decide weather you want a puppy or dog. A puppy has to be trained and vaccinated. They are more prone to diseases. A dog is trained, vaccinated and is more healthy. Moreover you can understand the nature and behavior of a dog. It should be well trained and less aggressive.

9. Finally you have to find good puppy breeder. A puppy breeder should be reputable and trustworthy. He should have hygienic kennel and would keep all records regarding the whelping date, vaccinations, and medicines given to the pups. You can ask any question to him and he would be happy to answer.

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