Popular Attractions of Sydney

Popular Attractions of Sydney

Popular Attractions of Sydney - Attractions of Sydney - Tourist Attractions in Sydney | Tips on - Find TipsIf holiday for you means to indulge in cosmopolitan luxury and at the same time explore the bounties of nature, you should include Sydney in your itinerary. Sydney has loads of entertainment for tourists.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

If you are not afraid of heights, then your first destination in Sydney should be its Harbour Bridge. To get a panoramic view of the city, you should climb the bridge. Team tours are organized, that leads visitors on top of this 134 meters high engineering marvel of Australia. Two different guided tours are organized for visitors – the Discovery Climb and the Bridge Climb. The tours are available in the dawn, day, twilight and night. Each time of the day produces different images of the city from above the bridge.

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is noted for its wonderful beaches, overlooked by the impressive Harbour Bridge. From the harbor, you will get great views of the Opera House and the Sydney Tower. You can enjoy your trip to the harbor by taking a dinner or night cruise. You can even hire a ‘tinny’ or a small boat to explore the bay. Whale watching excursions are organized by tour operators. You can take a boat or a cruise from the harbor to visit the Circular Quay, Luna Park, Taronga Zoo, Shark Island and Watsons Bay.

Bondi Beach

It is difficult for travelers to miss the attractions of Bondi Beach. This is a great beach to bask in the sun, swim in the water and surf on the swells. Affordable accommodations are available in the neighborhood. This beach has a number of popular restaurants, serving a wide range of international cuisines.

Sydney Opera House

This is the venue of performing art in the city. Over 1,500 performances take place in the Opera House every year. Guided tours are available that besides helping you to explore this wonderful building will also give you valuable information on its history. Don’t miss the chance of seeing one of the stunning performances staged in the Opera House.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Nature lovers would love to walk through this lovely park. The walking routes from the harbor lead to the Botanic Gardens.

Sydney Aquarium

Here you will encounter some of the largest sharks of the world. The underwater tunnels create the image of the Barrier Reef. Kids would love the Finding Nemo tank of the aquarium.

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