Popular Attractions of The Bahamas

Popular Attractions of The Bahamas

Popular Attractions of The Bahamas - Bahamas Attactions - Where is Bahama Located - Islands Attractions in Bahama | Tips on - Find TipsBahamas is the exciting destination for beach lovers. If you want to enjoy a holiday with your family scuba diving and snorkeling in the waters of the Atlantic, then plan a trip to one of the majestic islands of Bahamas. Located southwest of Florida, the Bahamas comprise of a chain of over 700 islands. The most popular islands of the region are Nassau on the New Providence Island, the Grand Bahama and the Paradise Island.

Located on New Providence Island, the 11th largest island of the region, Nassau is the capital city of The Bahamas. It was the home of the dreaded pirate Blackbeard. The 18th century fortresses, the sheltered harbor, the cathedral and the colonial mansions are the popular attraction of this island. The Cable Beach is a popular destination for swimmer, bathers and scuba divers. Located to the west of the main city area, this two and a half mile long beach is dotted with nightclubs and luxury resorts. The famous Crystal Palace casino and the Cable Beach golf course are its key attractions. Sightseers and shoppers could not miss the attractions of the historic Bay Street of Nassau. This main street of the city is lined with cafes, shops and pubs.

Blue Lagoon Island
To spend some time with the playful dolphins of the ocean you could sail to the Blue Lagoon Island. It will take about twenty minutes to sail to this island from Nassau.

Paradise Island
Two bridges connect Nassau to the Paradise Island. Spread across 685 acres, this island is truly a paradise of nature.

Grand Bahamas
The Grand Bahamas is a curious amalgamation of small town charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle. There are a number of luxury resorts on the island. There are plenty of activities to do on this wonderful island. You can explore the underwater cave systems, considered the largest in the world, hike in one of the three national parks or relax on the lovely expansive beaches.

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