Popular free entertainments of Las Vegas | Tips on

Popular free entertainments of Las Vegas | Tips on

Popular free entertainments of Las Vegas | Tips on - Find TipsLas Vegas is one of the most entertaining places of United States. This city would pamper you with its finest resorts and will allure you to indulge in its tempting nightlife, cajoling you to spend money in its luxurious casinos, becoming a pauper or a king in the process. To enjoy the Las Vegas luxury who need to be a big spender. However, there are some key attractions of this majestic city that will not even cost you a single cent to enjoy.

Volcano eruptions at the Mirage
The volcano at the Mirage first exploded in 1989, defining a new standard in free entertainment in Las Vegas. The upgraded MGM Mirage Volcano is worth watching. It is a breathtaking show of sound and light. The magma oozes out of the mouth of the volcano and molten lava flows down the fire trail to burst on the lagoon. The accompanying sound of tribal drumbeat takes the show to a new height.

Bellagio fountains
The Bellagio Fountain is located on an eight-acre lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel. The Fountain is one of the most complex creations. Over a thousand water nozzles work in tandem with thousands of lights creating an array of musical patterns. Water shooters shoot streams of water to huge heights that could reach up to 250 feet. Oarsmen swinging back and forth create the impression of dancing water. Accompanied by scintillating music, the fun of Bellagio Fountains comes free of cost.

Masquerade Show in the Sky
This is popular show is performed at the Rio. This carnival-styled show has mimes, acrobats, dancers, and floats suspended from the ceiling that carry riders above the casino floor.

Eiffel Tower (Paris Las Vegas)
This is the exact replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. However, you will have to pay a fee to climb on the tower.

Other free attractions of Las Vegas
The Aquarium at The Silverton, the Ethel M Chocolate Factory, the Penske Wynn Ferrari Maserati museum and the Star Trek Experience are other major entertainment venues of Las Vegas that are available free of cost.

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