Positive Perceptions at Work

Positive Perceptions at Work

Positive Perceptions at Work - Perceptions at Work - Employees perceptions of communication in the workplace » Creating Positive Perceptions at WorkThe first impression matters and it is necessary for the guys to emphasize more on creating a positive impression after joining a new place of work. Creating positive perceptions at work is easy and it is just our effort to show that we work well. A good old Chinese proverb still holds well today and it explains the fact that seeing is believing. So, to develop positive perceptions about ourselves at places of work, we need to be cautions. Few basic tips about the process of developing positive perceptions at work may be helpful.

The myth of staying back long hours without working
At our workplaces time and again we want to exhibit that we are loyal and we work long hours after office as well. This actually is now mundane and all employees attempt to do this. Bosses and managers are aware of the fact that staying back long hours in the office can be a cause of wastage of office resources.Smartworking guys can now steal the show. Offering maximum productivity and being punctual is the right way to impress our bosses. We must remember that they also have families and they need productivity, not our longer presence in the office.

A disciplined approach
There are offices where remote access to the e-mail is provided. Many of us have a habit of sleeping late and we answer electronic mails at late hours. We feel that bosses may give a pat for answering the mails late night. This is untrue; answering mails at late night proves that we are undisciplined with our life.

Never try to play tricks, it can be detrimental
Bosses know what exactly the employees desire as they are the managers, so instead of playing games and surfing social networking portals from office it is best to take the honest approach of giving better productivity at places of work. Our dedication during the working hours can keep us away from developing ideas associated to boss management. So, the process of being a trustworthy professional is pretty simple.

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