Post Term Pregnancy

Post Term Pregnancy

Post Term Pregnancy - Pregnancy Complications - Period Post Term Pregnancy - Normal Period During pregnancy » Complications of Post-Term PregnancyThe approaching of the due date is marked with moments of anxiety and happiness. There is a joy of coming of a new life and a simultaneous anxiety of having a safe delivery.

The normal pregnancy period is of 42 weeks and if your pregnancy lasts more than the normal weeks, then it is considered as post-term pregnancy. Given below are some complications that are usually associated with a post-term pregnancy.

If your due date is crossed and you still haven’t delivered your baby, then it is but natural for you to feel tensed and anxious.

Post-term pregnancy can bring with it certain complications but it is not necessary that every post-term pregnancy will bring such challenges. However, this article will acquaint you with certain complications that are usually associated with post-term pregnancy.

It has been found that post-term pregnancy often requires a cesarean delivery as the size of the baby would be bigger when compared with a normally delivered child. The larger size of post term fetus puts the mother at a risk of an injury to the perineum and associated problems like bleeding and infections.

When your pregnancy period extends for a longer period, then there are more dangers to your baby than you. This is because after the nine months of pregnancy are over, the placenta which is responsible for supplying your baby with oxygen and essential nutrients degrades in performance.

This in turn can lead to the child being born with breathing problems, neurological problems and even the problem of low blood sugar. Also, in some cases, it can result in a stillbirth.

It has been found that in some cases of post-term pregnancy, there are chances of the placenta separating from the uterus wall which in turn puts the life of the fetus in danger.

Thus, if you are undergoing post-term pregnancy, then you must be in constant touch with your doctor to avoid such complications.

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