Power Napping For Increased Productivity

Power Napping For Increased Productivity

Napping which used to be a symbol of laziness for decades has now become a magical tool to enhance your concentration and intellectual abilities. Even big corporate are realizing the importance of napping and they are waking up to the benefits attached to napping. So you can now tell your boss that a short nap will make you more productive at work.

Power Napping For Increased Productivity - Benefits Of Power Napping


Napping can be termed as semiconscious state where you are neither sound asleep nor you are fully awake. It is also called “CAT NAPPING”. Now days it is also termed as “POWER NAP” or “MICRO NAP” or ULTRA NAP”. The duration of a cat nap is 20-30 minutes maximum.

The key to napping is that you should not go into deep sleep that is why the duration is fixed from 15-30 minutes, more than that will make you feel cranky when you wake up. Generally napping is a feature associated with cats that’s why it is called cat nap.

Big names like Albert Einstein, Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte and Leonardo Da Vinci have been associated with napping. Napping is considered as a habit found mostly amongst successful people. In fact these days modern airports, malls workplaces etc. are all equipped with napping stations, snoozing suits and napping pods.


“No Day is so bad that it can’t be fixed with a nap” says Carrie P. Snow
Realizing the importance of napping since 80’s researchers have advised that napping reduces stress, carelessness and heart problems by boosting motor skills, memory, decision making, mood and alertness. After a study conducted on Americans it was found that average Americans sleep less than seven hours every night, when given the benefit of napping between working hours their productivity increased.

Power Napping For Increased Productivity - Benefits Of Power Napping

Seeing this Big Giant Companies like NIKE has added “quiet rooms” for napping or meditation along with extra benefits like lactation rooms, gyms and child care rooms at the work places itself.

A number of napping pods have been installed by GOOGLE at its Mountain View campus as added perk for its employees. Many international flights have the benefit of napping for Pilots during long flights when the co-pilots take over like in British Airways and Continental Airways.


Christopher Lindholst, co-founder of Metro-Naps says “Over a last few years there has been lot of focus on exercise and nutrition, built adequate sleep is arguably the most important element of productivity”. Metro Naps designs napping chairs called ENERGY POD which area huge hit in companies like Google, Cisco systems and Procter and Gamble.

Energy pods are napping chairs which provide full stress free environment, with built in music system and head phones to eliminate any noise from surroundings. They have long relaxing structure with ergonomic support.

Power Napping For Increased Productivity - Benefits Of Power Napping

Companies are devising new gadgets for napping measurements and effective napping. There is a latest gadget called ZEO priced at $199 just like a head band and it tracks your sleeping cycles through your brain waves. Then there is a cheaper version to give you better nap called “Dream Helmet” priced at $29.95 it is a great combination of ear plugs, pillow and a mask.


Reduces Stress

A short power nap at a quiet and calm place just for 20 minutes will relax you by reducing the production of stress hormones. Taking a break for a short period helps in relaxing and will make you feel refreshed.

Good for Heart

It is very beneficial for reducing the risk of heart attack. Researchers have found that the people who took a short snooze three timed in a day were reducing the risk of heart diseases in them. A good 30 minute siesta between your works or in the afternoon helps in reducing risk of death from heart ailments.

Alertness and productivity Increases

A sleepless night and then office work will make you feel worst, here comes the benefit so a short power naps. Just take a siesta for 30 minutes and when you will wake up you will feel refreshed and attentive. The level of alertness, efficiency and mood will also improve.

Improves learning and Memory

Taking a short nap in the afternoon improves your intellectual performance and thus improves the work performance too. Napping re energises the neurons of the brain thus boosting the mental and physical energy levels of our body.

Power Napping For Increased Productivity - Benefits Of Power Napping

Improves Health

Napping in turn boosts your immunity system too by giving good mental health, improving heart rate, maintaining hormonal balance and does cell repair too. Thus doing the benefit to the whole body altogether.

Saves from Sleepiness

Shift workers, Pilots and Scientists etc who have to work over time or at night get their sleeping schedules disrupted leading to insomnia or any other sleeping disorder here “prophylactic nap” helps in reorganising their sleeping pattern and protects them from sleepiness during working hours.

Increases Cognitive Functioning

A research on NASA members has shown that 30 minute power nap has helped them in boosting their cognitive faculties by about 40%. Those who did not nap faired quite low in IQ tests than the ones who took short afternoon siesta. Adding to this the capacity to work and memorize also decreased in the workers who never napped in the afternoon. This was because during napping the body reorganises itself and the brain cells that is neurons also get time to recuperate.

Creativity improves

A short power nap not only makes you healthy but also makes you more creative and a power nap increases your power of imagination and you get better ideas too.

Thus after going through all the benefits of napping I would suggest that snoozing is as important as sleeping. Moreover it gets you a good night’s sleep too. So next time tell your boss that you need a power nap to be productive at work. So to be energetic and ultra productive you need to snooze off. Now napping is no more a feature associated with lazy people rather it is an effective tool for amazing results. Take a nap and change your life .

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