Power Suit

Power Suit

Power Suit - Modern Office Wear - Clothing Styles For Your Body Type - Pinstripe Suit » Power SuitIf you want to look smart in your office or business networking zone then the power suit is definitely what is called for – right after a super-power brief-case, of course! If you’ve heard the office buzz centering around who wears the best power suits and gets max attention, tune in as you could pick up some tips on the tailors, men’s stores and designers these head-turning men support and perhaps you could try them out too for a bit of the limelight!

However, for basic questions on what are power-suits and how to put one together, luckily you don’t have to look beyond this article, so read on below!

In a modern office, the pinstripe suit is a must-wear for all men seeking higher positions. Even those in SME environments can benefit from an instant style upgrade and look the proficient businessman by making a bold statement by donning a well-fitting one!

So, remember to keep to the basic body type and corporate level dressing code when choosing your power suit and opt for the color and width of pinstripes that suit your frame and job stage in order to make the right impression. These are best worn by men, who are tall, medium-height, even heavy or large frames with the right accessories for a suave and confident corporate look!

Another question may be in your mind when to wear a pinstripe suit: The perception that only regular nine to fivers wear a pinstripe suit! This isn’t true as though it is a complicated work dress code to break, donning a pinstripe suit makes for great after-work dressing too – from business dinners to important meetings and even a formal theater date! It’s great substitute wear for black-tie affairs or even attending a wedding so you can get your power suit to do double duty – as work-wear and social wear both!

Now you know how one should wear pinstripe suit, so learn up different categories, fabrics and matching shirts/tie options to coordinate the perfect power suit look! E.g. do not pick checks that are wide, but those that are close-together for a great shirt that doesn’t ruin the continuity of the power suit visual and preferably wear a solid color tie with it.

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