Prabhu Deva Announces To Marry Nayanthara

Prabhu Deva Announces To Marry Nayanthara

Prabhu Deva Announces To Marry Nayanthara - Choreographer and actor turned director Prabhu Deva who has directed films like ‘Pokiri’, ‘Villu’ in Tamil and ‘Wanted’ in Hindi has finally decided to come clean on his relationship with actess Nayantara.

The two have been in the news for quite some time now and speculations were rife about a marriage being in the pipeline for the couple. Nayantara was always open about her love for the director and even sports a tatoo (reads ‘Prabhu’) of the director’s name on her arm.

However, it was not the case with Prabhu Deva who after maintaining a stoic silence about their relationship for nearly two years, recently confessed his love for Nayantara to a tabloid. The director also revealed that the two plan to get married before the end of 2010.

Director Prabhu Deva started seeing Southern hottie Nayantara (acted in films like Chandramukhi, Kuselan and Billa) during the shooting of Villu in 2008. Prabhu Deva had just lost his eldest son Vishal to brain cancer and desperately needed a shoulder to cry on, being the sentimental man that he is.

Nayantara was more than happy to offer comfort to the estranged director and their friendship quickly blossomed into love, a development that did not go down well with either Nayan’s (as she is fondly called) parents or Prabhudeva’s first wife Ramlath alias Latha.

Prabhu Deva Announces To Marry Nayanthara -

According to sources, the two decided to part amicably after facing pressure from both ends and started focusing on their respective careers. But they couldn’t stay apart for long and decided to go ahead and cement the relationship.

Nayan started accompanying Prabhudeva to award functions and public gatherings and even posed for pictures as his wife. Meanwhile, the director’s first wife, Latha filed a case against the director and the actress, pleading the judge to send her husband home.

After repeated negotiations however, Latha has agreed for divorce on mutual terms and has accepted Prabhudeva’s settlement terms. It has been reported that Prabhu Deva is moving the court for a speedy divorce so that he can marry Nayan soon.

Whether Nayantara will act in movies after marriage or not is something that we need to wait and see! Although the director has left the choice to Nayan, he has made subtle hints that the actress would most probably quit acting for good after the marriage, being the family person that she is!

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