Pregnancy & Miscarriage

Pregnancy & Miscarriage

Pregnancy & Miscarriage - Causes & Signs Of Miscarriage - Threatened Miscarriage » Signs of MiscarriageMiscarriage is scientifically called spontaneous abortion and is defined as Loss of Pregnancy before the gestation period of 20 weeks could be completed.

Miscarriage can be immensely shattering. There are several signs that one may look for, if having a miscarriage. About 10-15% of all pregnancies result in miscarriage. At times these miscarriages take place even before the women realizes that she is pregnant. Almost 90% of miscarriages happen within the first week of pregnancy. There are different causes behind the fact. Immunological causes, hormonal imbalances, infections, systematic disorders, viruses and genetic factors are you amongst few reasons behind miscarriage.

Signs of Miscarriage before 6 weeks pregnancy – Early miscarriages are often like bleeding that may also seem like heavy periods.

Signs of Miscarriage amid 6-12 weeks pregnancy – Signs of miscarriage in the first trimester include cramping/moderate pain along with heavy bleeding.

Signs of Miscarriage after 12 weeks of pregnancy - In case you’re having a miscarriage after the first trimester is over, you’re likely to have pain along with heavy bleeding. The intensity of pain will almost be like that of labor pains.

You can check if you have had a miscarriage in case the signs of pregnancy that you experienced earlier during pregnancy are no longer present. You may get confused while you approach the second trimester if the signs of pregnancy hide away. It can be very confusing if you don’t “feel pregnant” as it is too soon to sense the baby moving. In such condition, you can check factors such as morning sickness and breast tenderness. Any change in these factors should be immediately consulted with the gynecologists.

Threatened Miscarriage

At times, mothers may have few signs of miscarriage but they managed to wind up and carry the babies to term. This can be termed threatened miscarriage.

Incomplete miscarriage

Sometimes a pregnant woman experiences several signs of miscarriage including severe cramping bleeding but this may not be a complete miscarriage. Sometimes the uterus is left with some tissue of the fetus. In such cases a Dilation and Curettage is recommended in order to save you from getting infected.

Most of the women who have experienced miscarriage in pat have successful pregnancies in future. Women who has had repeated miscarriages have a 70 to 85 percent possibility of carrying a successful pregnancy to term.

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