Pregnant Women Alcohol

Pregnant Women Alcohol

Pregnant Women Alcohol - Alcohol In Pregnant - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Symptoms - Alcohol Consumption » Should Women Drink Alcohol While She Is PregnantProbably you shouldn’t if you want a healthy baby. Remember one thing; what ever you take, your baby also takes them. So, be careful before gulping something. However, they say light drink is okay to an extent but one shouldn’t consume too much. If you are addicted then its time to quit or else ready to face the unseen problems for you and your unborn baby.

You must know these problems are laying therefore your baby if consumption of alcohol is not stop immediately. You may see unhealthy child. This happens because of your intake of alcohol. Your unborn child is disturbed by inability to get sufficient oxygen and healthy cell development in the brain and rest of the body. If you want handicap baby then continue with the drinks.

According to the scientist, fetus has very less capacity of tolerance especially for alcohol and there is a big problem waiting for such mothers. Your baby might be born with physical and mental problems because of your sedentary life style. Your baby is sure to suffer from symptoms called Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, this is due to over consumption of alcohol and babies born with this symptom can have serious repercussion. They could be either handicaps or various other problems.

There is countless number of disorders for such babies. They may have poor eye sight, small body, deformed borns, may have stiff movement, kidney and urinary defects, short upturned nose, genital malformation, thin upper lip, small jaw, heart problems, small brain, hear defectiveness, hyperactivity in child, poor body, hand, legs, finger coordination may be defective and lot more.

Now you have taken the picture of alcoholic mothers baby hence there should be strict plan to quit the habit before it takes your baby’s health.

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