Prevent Lower Backache Through Yoga

Prevent Lower Backache Through Yoga

Prevent Lower Backache Through Yoga - Yoga Asanas to Solve Backache Problem - Tadasana urdhva hastasana - Yoga Exercises To Solve Backache Problem | Tips on - Find TipsLower backache is caused due to stiffness in the ligaments and weak abdominal muscle. If you have a poor posture and lack of exercise then it leads to tight and swollen back muscle, which resulting pain in this area. Here are few yoga asanas which will solve your lower backache problem.

1. Tadasana urdhva hastasana:

a. Stand bare feet in tadasana on uncovered surface. Then exhale and stretching from your waist. Now lift your arms in front of you to shoulder level and keep your palms open facing each other.

b. Raise your arms above you head (perpendicular to the floor) then stretch your arms & fingers and push your shoulder blades into your body. Now stretch your arms further up from your shoulder and keep them parallel to each other. Extend yours palms, wrist & fingers toward the ceiling and feel the stretch on your body.

c. Pull in your lower abdomen and turn your wrist, so that the palms face front and hold it for 30 seconds.

2. Butterfly:

Sit straight and looking ahead then bends your knees & put your feet together. Hold your feet with both hands and ease them further in towards your body. Now gently bounce your knees to the floor.

You can also bend your arms and use your elbows to push your knees gently towards the floor. Keep you back straight always. It will strengthen the muscle of your legs and the back.

3. Camel:

a. Sit on your heels, then keeps your knees together and calves parallel with each other. Now place your arms behind your body with both palms flat on the floor and lean back, so that your weight rests on your body.

b. Put your head backwards then raise your hips and arch them forwards. Walk your hands inwards to clasp your heels and keep yours back arched throughout. It is one of the effective and highly beneficial yoga exercises for lower backache.

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