Problem of Hypercholesterolemia

Problem of Hypercholesterolemia

Problem of Hypercholesterolemia - Heart Diseases - How to Treat HIV Infection - High Blood Cholesterol | Tips on - Find TipsMajority of the health conscious people today are less aware about the problem of hypercholesterolemia. Its accurate meaning is high blood cholesterol. It is indicated by the presence of high contents of cholesterol in blood.

Hypercholesterolemia is not an ailment but it is an imbalance in the metabolic activities that is inferior to many diseases by serves as a base for the occurrence many different ailments, especially the heart related diseases. It is caused by the unusual growth in the intensity of lipo-proteins that serves as a carrier of cholesterol particles in the blood. It can also occur because of genetic and diet related issue. Hypercholesterolemia can also occur due to the presence of diabetes.

Hypercholesterolemia is cured by taking food which has got low cholesterol content, prescribed medicines. The possibility of surgery as an alternative mode of treatment happens very rare. This problem can give rise to more dangerous ailments such as Coronary heart disease, Angina attack, heart attack, etc. Increase in the level of LDL cholesterol is regarded as a matter of serious concern.

The Deposits of Cholesterol in the body is called plaque which is created by fatty substances accumulated in our blood. When the plaque becomes too large in their size, they obstruct the path of blood vessels and minimize the course of blood.

However, there are many minor reasons for the occurrence of hypercholesterolemia:

1. Genetic History.

2. Anorexia.

3. Ailment of kidney.

4. Hypo-Thyroidism.

5. Particular type of drugs used to treat HIV infection.

6. Food containing saturated fat in excess amount tends to increase the level of cholesterol in blood stream.

7. Obesity is also one of the contributory factors towards the development of hypercholesterolemia. Reduction in excess weight will reduce your total cholesterol as well as LDL level on the whole.

8. Lack of Bodily movement is also regarded as a big factor for various heart related diseases.

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