Pros and Cons Of Live In Relationships

Pros and Cons Of Live In Relationships

Pros and Cons Of Live In Relationships - Live-In Relationship - Live-in Relations | Tips on - Find TipsFirst in the West and now catching up in the East, live-in relations are turning out to be very common. It can be said to be a pre-stage before tying the nuptial knot and in some cases it does not reach the stage of marriage too.

However, the young generation must keep the pros and cons of such a relation before taking the plunge.

Pros Of Live-In Relations:

Financial Comfort- Everything is on shared basis. You can spend on yourself without any problems; no one to question, no one to give explanations too. One of the partners does not have the sole responsibility of running the household.

One may say this happens in marriage also. But with the tag of marriage, even unconsciously, a person tends to become dependent (esp. with women). But in live-ins you are constantly on your toes. The partner can ask for money but they make sure to return also.

Commitment- Both are serious that’s why they moved in but are not that committed. Men since ages have the ultimate fear to commit and settle down so for then, live-ins works out. For women, many of them take/expect the live-in to progress to the stage of marriage; this may happen and may not happen.

Cons Of Live-In Relations:

Unreliability- Unlike marriage, it ends any time with the snap of fingers. Yes, marriage does end too but at least the spouses think twice before divorcing and more so when children are there.

Live-ins remains for conveniences only. And when the convenience begins to erode, the arrangement does too.

Disapproval Of Society- It is only now that society has begun to take it with a pinch of salt. Previously it was frowned upon and more so the woman was tagged of being a person with loose morals.

Now if the couple belonged to a conservative family, would their family give permission for such and arrangement? Do you think it is sensible to go against the family and stay in live-in relation?

So, keeping all these in mind, one should look before one leaps. That is what common sense says.

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