Prostate Health Activities

Prostate Health Activities

Prostate Health Activities - How To Maintain Male Prostate Health » Prostate Health-Activities That Help to Maintain a Healthy ProstateProstate enlargement or Hyperplasia in men starts at around age 40 or more. When this happens the Urethra is compressed and the flow of urine is obstructed. This results in the Bladder not emptying completely. This could lead to urine retention that can cause infections.

Prostate enlargement is a natural process that is a result of age and happens when Testosterone is converted to Di-Hydro-Testosterone or DHT.There are several things we can do to increase our Prostate health and lead healthier lives.

Daily Exercise
One way that we can improve our Prostate health is by doing a certain amount of daily exercise. This will improve our health by increasing blood flow to the major organs as well as to the extremities. Our lungs and our heart will benefit, and blood flow to the Prostate will increase. The exercise should be light and should be performed daily. A moderate daily walk with periods of brisk walking would give us all the benefits of exercise.

Seat Baths
This is a popular method of decreasing Prostate pain. The entire pelvic area is submerged in warm water in which a certain amount of compounds such as bath salts are mixed. The warm water brings a flow of blood to the pelvic area that irrigates the Prostate and lessens any pain.

Yoga and Kegel Exercises
Yoga is also a good way to stimulate the Prostate gland. Certain postures can give a light massage to the Prostate while blood is forced to the general area. This is beneficial to the Prostate and to the pelvic area in general. Kegel Exercises could also be done when in a suitable posture, combining the benefits of Yoga with the benefits of the Kegel Exercises.

Have a Good Massage
Certain massages are also beneficial to the Prostate. Spinal massage is beneficial because of the increase in blood flow that this type of massages brings. Pelvic massages also offer the same benefits, as well as an improved lymphatic flow.

Enjoy an Active Sex Life
One of the best ways of keeping a healthy Prostate is by having a happy and active sex life. The physical and mental benefits are great. Sexual activity increases blood flow to all the major organs and to the pelvic area in general. There is an increased production of hormones that benefit the entire body and makes us happier.

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