Prostatitis - Prostate Pain - Prostatitis Treatment » Tips to Prevent ProstatitisProstatitis is a condition which makes a person experience a frequent and painful urge when urinating. He will feel a sensation of burning through the urethra, and there is a lot of pain in the prostate. He may also have a lot of pain in the lower part of the back, pain in the abdomen, or in the upper part of the thighs as well as pelvic pain.

After passing urine you should clean the penis with water and pat it dry. If you have used soap, make sure not to leave any remnants of soap on the penis. Also make it a regular habit to clean the penis and keep it in a good sanitary condition.

You should increase consumption of clean water. You should drink a minimum of 10 glasses per day. If this quantity does not increase the number of times you have to pass urine, you may have to drink more. Don’t use catheters because it will irritate the urinary tract and expose the place that attracts bacteria.

Don’t hold on to the urine for long periods as it can generate bacteria in the bladder, as well as irritating the urinary tract. As soon as you get the feeling to urinate, try to pass urine.

During sexual intercourse it is advisable to use condoms, except with a long-term partner providing that she is not intimate in another relationship. Before having intercourse, you should ensure that your partner is not suffering from any sexually transmitted diseases.

While riding a cycle or a horse, you should exercise caution. It is important to protect the groin from injury. If you feel any pain in the region or the surrounding area while riding the cycle, or horse, or during intercourse, stop the activity and seek a doctor’s advice.

Whenever there is an infection in the urinary tract, you should get it checked and treated immediately as it can result in prostatitis.


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