Protect Your Feet From Odor

Protect Your Feet From Odor

Protect Your Feet From Odor - How to Protect Your Feet From Odor - Smelly Feet | Tips on - Find TipsWithout shoes we may experience some difficulty in walking over uneven or soiled surfaces. These days we count them as essential attire. Some people would prefer to die rather than remove their shoes in public, because of their smelly feet.

There is a famous saying that a gentleman is judged on the kind of shoes he wears, but if he is required to take off his shoes, to try on new ones for instance, and the smell is like rancid garbage, even a gentleman may face huge embarrassment.

Why does this happen? This happens because of sweat produced by the feet. People who sweat a lot are more prone to the problem of smelly feet. When you have shoes on your feet the sweat is not able to evaporate easily, and this combines with the material of the shoes to produce a bad smell. Bacteria, which are present everywhere, have a favorable environment inside your shoes as it’s dark and moist. Since we can’t seem to do without shoes it may be better to modify our habits. To fight the smelly foot problem, here are some tips.

• Wash your feet with warm water; dry them carefully and then apply talcum powder before putting on clean socks.

• Wear a nice pair of cotton socks that do not encourage the growth of bacteria.

• Choose a type of shoes which allow your feet to breathe so that moisture can evaporate and bacteria are discouraged.

• Use a good antiseptic lotion for your feet after bathing and at regular intervals during the day if your feet are prone to sweating.

• Apply soda-bicarbonate to your shoes and shake well. Put your shoes in a plastic bag and keep them in a freezer for 2-3 hours. This might seem strange but it will deliver wonderful results.

• If you wear sports shoes then wash them with antiseptic liquid once a week and let them dry completely before use.

• Every Sunday let your shoes air in sunlight, it will help to remove the smell and bacteria.

If these tips do not work for you then you should consult a doctor. He will be able to give you good advice on how to deal with smelly feet.

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