Protect Your Teeth

Protect Your Teeth

Protect Your Teeth - Tips to Protect Your Teeth - How to Brush Your Teeth » Protect Your TeethWhat keeps a dentist away, is it the age old saying of an apple a day? No, no that just might keep some doctor away, but for those good old teeth of yours, you will need to do more.

It is true that we all want pearly white teeth other than wanting to also have a perfect set of teeth. We see them all the time being flashed by someone in print or on the screen. They all seem to have such great teeth that we often sit quite grumped up over our not so good sets.

Well here are a few guide lines to make the most of the teeth you do have. These few guide lines have been formulated by dental specialists. The first thing high on their list is for you to keep as far away from all sugar foods. This includes ‘colas’. Colas cause tooth decay when consumed in high quantities. This becomes more intensified if you are not a regular brusher of your teeth. Stick food are even worse of on their list of no-no’s. As for colas, they are acidic and all acidic foods and beverages break down the tooth enamel.

For those who have a dry mouth which could be the due to medication or due to some other condition, can and does become a serious problem. This is because the mouth does not have enough salvia within continuously; something needed to wash the moth out there by reducing the acidity effects.

Some of course may just have the occasional bout of dry mouth (a little to much alcohol the previous evening), but for those who have a dry mouth all the time there is definitely a problem going to be created with regards to their oral health.

It is important to have a suitable brush suited to your gums. Just as important is the toothpaste that you use regularly. These are simply the very foundations of healthy teeth. So do not ignore there importance.

Most dentists would advise you to brush your teeth for 2 to 3 minutes at the minimum and at least twice a day. This will insure that your teeth remain healthy and strong even when you are older. In fact, most of the problems older people face is because they have not looked after their teeth as younger individuals.

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