Protection from Sun

Protection from Sun

Protection from Sun - Sun Protection - Tips on How to Stay Safe in the Sun - How to Stay Safe in the Sun | Tips on - Find TipsExposure to sun can cause serious health hazards like skin cancer, skin damage, sunburn, heat stroke, cataract, sun tan etc. But there are many ways in which you can keep yourself safe from the harmful rays of the sun. The rays of the sun are strongest and most harmful between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. So take enough precautions before you step out in the sun. Below are given some of the tips on how to stay safe in the sun.

Apply Sunscreen

Using sunscreen really protects you from the harmful rays of the sun. Use sunscreen generously and apply it 20 minutes before moving out in the sun. While applying it, make sure apply layers of the cream and not apply it in one go. Put a little on to the exposed skin and spread it properly and uniformly. Then again repeat and apply another layer.

The most exposed area of the body is the face, arms, feet, back and the neck. Do not miss these areas. Also keep a bottle of sunscreen handy with you. So that whenever you are out in the sun for long hours you can apply it in between.

Wear cooling glasses

Besides applying sunscreen to protect your skin you also need to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. For that always wear sunglasses whenever you are out in the sun.

Wear light cotton clothes

To lessen the heat you should always wear light cotton clothes in light soothing colors. Dark colors absorb heat and make you sweaty so avoid wearing dark shades.

Wear hats and cap

Caps and hats keep you cool and make you feel much better. Compared to baseball hats with wide brims are better because hats cover your ears and neck unlike the baseball caps.

Drink enough water

Water keeps you hydrated and also cool. Drinking water is not only good for health but it also makes your skin healthy.

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