Psychological Effects Of Obesity

Psychological Effects Of Obesity

Psychological Effects Of Obesity - Mental Health Effects Of Obesity - Social Effects Of Obesity » Psychological Effects of ObesityWhen we think of obesity, we associate a lot of physical problems with it- be it heart problems, diabetes and others. However, how many of us think about the psychological effects obesity can have on a person? People, especially children and teenagers, who are obese, have not only to deal with physical and medical problems of obesity, but also with its associated psychological effects.

Ever wondered how an obese child will feel in school when we sees all his classmates laughing and making fun of his overweight figure? The same and even direr consequences are of a teenager. Imagine a world where people are running after size zero and perfect figure and your teenager is obese. The problem becomes worse if the obese teenager is a girl as girls are more particular about their shape and figure. An obese person thus has to face a lot of emotional and psychological challenges and not many succeed.

An obese child is unable to appreciate or love his body. There is a kind of dissociation between the child’s mind and his body as the child instead of loving his body, starts rebuking it and looks at it as a root cause of various problems. People who are obese lack confidence and they usually become introvert and lack a confident self image. You’ll find such people often shying away from social gatherings. They suddenly turn away from the world and enter into their own private shell.

People who are obese are always at risk of entering into depression. To overcome their loneliness, such people, commonly teenagers choose the wrong path of life and try to find solace in alcohol and drug abuse. Low self esteem, shrinking confidence and pessimism taking the place of optimism- all comes with obesity.

Thus, it is essential to provide emotional support and encouragement to obese children, teenagers and adults so that they can prevent the adverse psychological effects of obesity and instead take steps to overcome their problem.

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