Psychology of Clothing Style

Psychology of Clothing Style

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Most of the people wear clothes that they like. They tend to be creative while choosing their clothes. The clothes you are wearing will express your individuality. You can get an idea about the character of a person by noting his dress. The over all dressing style will create an impression rather than a specific feature in your dressing.

Psychology of Clothing Style

1. The formally dressed men looks financially secured. He gives the impression that he is sexually matured too. Women find formally dressed men more worthy for having a long term relationship.

2. People dress up in black are found to be more aggressive in their behavior than others. They will be more deterministic and energetic.

3. Men using ties are found to be more credible and other men wants to disclose more to them than a men with out tie. They can win support from others more easily.

4. Female’s dresses in dark clothes are considered bolder. They will have more confidence and poise. A female dressed in dark colored clothes can win an interview more easily than others.

5. A person wearing branded clothes or clothes that are popular will be having strong social values and he needs business or social relationships.

6. People who are thin or lean or medium sized if wear an over sized cloth, it means that they are sensed heavier than what they truly are.

7. An over sized person wearing over sized cloth gives the impression that he is perceived lighter than what they really are.

8. Similarly color of the clothes also adds effect to your personality. White color is considered neutral and it will go with every thing. Black color makes thinner than what they are and it has over powering effects or they seems to be reserved.

Comfortable clothing will to win cognitive ability tests than others with an uncomfortable dress. This is because comfortable clothing will provide you with positive emotions which help you to become more productive. It also helps you to become more sociable.

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