Pudding Recipes

Pudding Recipes

Physician has strictly asked to stay away from ice creams, cakes and pies? but we all still crave for sweet things no matter in which form. But when we have something which is low in calorie, nutritious and yet sweet then nothing like it.

There may be hardy any one of earth who dislike puddings, they are best substitutes of ice creams and spongy cakes. Let’s see some of the healthy and nutritious puddings recipes to cool down the scorching summers, which can be consumed by diabetics, heavy weight and fussy kids.

WheatToasts Pudding

Take eight pieces of wheat bread toasts, two big spoons of vanilla custard, two table spoon of coco custard, three strawberries, one banana, three fourth liter skimmed milk and one big spoon full cornflakes. For sweetening take half cup of sugar free powder or one can prepare the syrup using low calorie sugar cubes.

Once all the ingredients have been arranged, Take two separate pans and boil the vanilla and coco custard in milk and sugar syrup respectively in separate pans. Once the custard has become thick place the 4-4 toasts in both separate pans. In serving dish place two colors toasts in layer form, pour the remaining custard above the toasts bridge. Finally garnish with corn flakes and pieces of fruits. Place in refrigerator for about half hour and serve cool.

Papaya Pudding

One cup of milk, one third cup of semolina, three table spoons of gelatin, three table spoon of honey, one cup of orange and lemon juice mixed in equal quantity. One cup of papaya pulp, two lemons very thinly sliced and two table spoons of cream. For garnishing prepare the grated peel of orange and lemon.

In boiling milk add the semolina and make thick paste. Later add the gelatin and honey and steer for five minutes. Once all the ingredients have gelled well add the orange and lemon juice for flavor. Grease an aluminum container with cream and pour the semolina and juice paste over the papaya pulp. Place the container in refrigerator for about three hours. Before serving cool, garnish with sliced lemon and grated peel of orange and lemon.

Pudding Recipes

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