Quick and Tasty Sandwich Recipes

Quick and Tasty Sandwich Recipes

Quick and Tasty Sandwich Recipes - Recipes to Make Tasty Sandwich - Ingredients to Make Tasty Sandwich - Sandwich Recipes | Tips on - Find TipsAre you confused as to what to make for your breakfast or what to prepare for your kid’s lunch at school? Then here are some quick and healthy sandwich recipes that you can try with out any confusion.


Brown Bread- 4 slice, eggs 2, Cheese slices- 4, salt, pepper, Cheese spread, potato, cucumber and tomato.


First, boil the eggs and the potatoes. Peel them off and keep them aside. Take the cucumber and tomato and make thin slices out of them. Take the peeled eggs and potatoes and smash them to form a paste.

Mix them well together add salt, pepper and cheese spread. You can add these three ingredients as per your choice and if you want you can also keep the cheese spread optional.

Now take the brown bread and first place the cheese slice on them. Then put one slice of cucumber and tomato side by side on it. Now spread the mixture of smashed egg and potato on top and again layer it with a cheese slice. Arrange cucumber and tomato slices on the cheese slice and cover it with another brown bread.

Your sandwich is ready to be savored

Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich:

Ingredient: Bread slices, Boiled and shredded chicken, mayonnaise, pepper, salt,

Process: Boil the chicken and remove the bones. Shred the chicken. Now add salt and pepper to it and mix it well. Mix mayonnaise to this mixture and blend it well. The stuffing is ready. Now put the mixture into the bread and cut it into a triangular shape and your sandwich is ready to be served.

Plain cucumber onion sandwich:

Ingredients: Brown bread slices, cucumber and onion slices, salt, pepper, butter or cheese spread.

Process: Take the bread slices and cut them into triangular shape. Spread the cheese spread on them and sprinkle pepper on it. Now cut the cucumbers and onions in thin slices. Place them on one slice, sprinkle salt and pepper and cover with the other. Now put them in a sandwich maker and the the sandwich is ready to be savored.

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