Ram Gopal Varma Gets Death Threats, Won't Accept Security

Ram Gopal Varma Gets Death Threats, Won't Accept Security

Ram Gopal Varma Gets Death Threats, WonRakta Charitra has been quite an eventful film. With so much bloodshed, the film promises to a gory story. The review of Rakta Chritra have been exciting, so much so that even some people have got agitated over it, while others were being excited over it.
The protagonists of the film are based on real life character. Portrayal of certain real life characters in the film invoked ire from the concerned people.

Death threats have not been uncommon for Ram Gopal Varma. He has always played with controversial stories. His film ‘company’ dealt with how the Dawood Ibrahim lead D company operated. This kind of celebration of the underworld had made Dawood’s detractors stirred up.
In spite of the death threats Ram Gopal Varma is moving around freely in Hyderabad.

He has not requested any security. He feels that despite security being provided, even great assassinations were not prevented. So the need to protect him was not there. Also, Ram Gopal Varma himself said that he was not new to death threats. He was quite accustomed to receiving it, given his penchant to direct films related to the underworld.

What stirred the hornet’s nest was the portrayal of a character after the late Ubala Reddy. This person’s on-screen character was shown in poor light. It remains to be seen if this indeed was what this person was all about according to the film. Supporters of Ubala Reddy, including his family are angry at the negative portrayal of Ubala Reddy in the film.

Supporters felt that this was not the right way to portray this person, and Ram Gopal Varma had no right to portray people according to his whims and fancies. But Ram Gopal Varma seems not to be one bit frightened by all this. Rather he is more amused, leave along amazed.

Apparently a legal notice has been sent to Ram Gopal Varma from Ubala Reddy’s people. Ram Gopal Varma’s contention is how these people can assume that the on-screen character was indeed based on Ubala Reddy.

Ram Gopal Varma still holds his ground with what he has shown in the film, and will not surrender to threats. While the first part of Rakta Charitra is already running in theaters, the sequel to this is still being planned out. It remains to be seen how many more hornet’s nest are stirred.

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