Ranking The Endgame Character Endings From Worst To First

Ranking The Endgame Character Endings From Worst To First

While most of the best endings in Endgame come on the hero side of things, there's one baddie who absolutely earns a high spot on the list. We're talking about Thanos himself. Who else could keep audiences trembling in their seats for a year between Infinity War and Endgame, only to calmly sit and accept his dusty fate when it finally catches up to him?

Like Nebula, Thanos actually double dips a bit when it comes to the whole "character ending" concept. The 2018 version of the villain meets his end early on in the film. After using the Infinity Stones to destroy themselves, the Mad Titan is hunted down by the Avengers and decapitated when Thor finally goes for the head. In a sense, this is the ultimate victory and the greatest ending for the character, since he not only wipes out half of the universe, but he permanently prevents his victory from being undone — as far as he can reasonably expect, at least.

Nevertheless, when the Avengers go back in time to undo the past, 2014 Thanos steps up to the plate once again. This leads to his more devastating, though equally epic, ending, in which he and his soldiers are snapped away into the wind. No matter which way you slice it, this guy's ending is about as insane as they get.


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