Read Her Body

Read Her Body

Read Her Body - How to read her body - Read her body language - Tips to read her body language » Read Her BodyAfter you are done with this article you will be wiser to some telltale body signs that will help you understand your lady better.

Let us begin with the eyelashes. Try to hold her gaze for a few seconds and count the times she blinks. Women blink on an average of 15 times a minute, if you feel she is blinking more often there is a good chance she is on the pill. Research has proven that women on the pill will be attracted to men with rugged features. So put on your most confident look when you talk to her.

Her brain works different and you should know that women are not inhibited by alcohol in fact she will get sedated. So don’t fill her glass up every time it gets empty run the jukebox instead. Stimulating her mind will work wonders for her – and you later.

Then when you are in bed and she is moving towards organs she will start to arch her spine. This is the time you should grab and hold tight to the small of her back and attune yourself to the degree she arches her back and for the love of the moment never stop instead keep up the rhythm until she climaxes. Rest assured you will get payback with a whole lot of interest too but later.

Two weeks before your lady begins her chums you can bet your life she will be at her horniest best. So gear up for some service you will need to render. Be warned however, that this is the most likely time she will get pregnant so take the necessary precautions.

Changes in the blood pressure will create a pinkish color around the breast bone. This is an indication that she is turned on. This means that if you continue what you are doing you are very likely to get lucky. Another way is to notice the size of her breasts, an increase in their size means you are almost at happy hour.

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